Striving for success
Wed May 31, 2006 5:01am (XFF:

Teiran nodded at all the right points during Asha'man Naslyn's speech. It was all very interesting, and this lesson would definitely be one of the more useful and practical ones. The sheer number of possible wards made his head spin, as he considered all the various uses a ward could be put to. He could detect if anyone has been to his room, be alerted if someone tried to sneak up on him, protect his personal belongings, not to mention warding against eavesdroppers. That is, if he had been allowed to channel at will. Nor did he have many personal belongings. None, in fact.

Asha'man Naslyn soon began channeling, and Teiran watched with intense attention, as he always did when he had the opportunity to learn more about channeling. It did not matter whether the weaves were mundane or highly practical and interesting; the point was to learn as much about channeling and the One Power as possible. After all, he could not be Raised until he knew enough of saidin. The fact that no one wanted to tell him how much 'enough' was, was merely another reason to learn as much as possible. The demonstration of these two weaves immediately convinced Teiran of their practicality, even though they were only passive weaves, and he took hold of the Source only seconds after being given leave to begin.

In truth, Teiran had wanted to take hold of the Source ever since Asha'man Naslyn had seized it for himself. To feel another man holding saidin, not to mention using it, always made him itch. It was as if it set off some kind of resonance, a faint memory of the struggle of battling with saidin, the feeling of being truly alive. And now that he actually held it for himself, it was all he had remembered, and more. He took a deep breath before beginning to channel, calming his feelings and nerves that skittered along the surface of the Void. Since Air was the very first Element he was going to channel, there was no chance of making a favorable first impression by creating a perfect ward. Judging his strength up against what he was going to weave, he did think he would be able to actually create a working ward though, despite the size. The threads of Air didn't seem to be awfully thick, and he was accustomed to making nets. The only problem was the size. He had never made anything with Air or Water that was the size of a man before.

With the Asha'man, the grid of Air had sprung into existence in only a few seconds. With Teiran, it was less a matter of springing into existence, and more a matter of tediously building up a cocoon around him, beginning at the bottom and working himself upwards. The weaving was eased by the fact that the threads of Air did not have to be especially thin or thick, nor was it required that the weaving be especially deft. It was a net, plain and simple. However, the weaving was still rather slow, and the strain of holding the threads in place was more difficult than he was used to. Not even after one and a half year of Tower training was he able to use Air or Water with anything resembling ease. In the end, however, the cocoon surrounded him completely, and from there it took only a few seconds to make threads of Fire lace through the already existing structure. But nothing happened. It took a couple more tries before success finally was a fact. He tightened the net a bit, added a few extra Fire threads, tightened the net a bit more, and suddenly, Teiran was rewarded with complete silence. Not until then did he realize how much sound he was normally surrounded by. The sound of the lake, the wind, the birds, the distant sounds of the city were all gone, and it was a discomforting feeling. He dropped the weave as soon as he got an approving nod from Asha'man Naslyn, glad to hear the sounds of life around him once again.

The next one was far easier, since it involved Spirit and Earth. The flat box of Spirit took Teiran only a few seconds more to weave than it had taken Asha'man Naslyn, and the weave of Earth within was completed without any trouble at all. Their roles now being reversed, Teiran turned his back so that the weave was situated just behind him, and waited for the Asha'man to trigger the ward. It happened a few seconds later, and the feeling was peculiar. It was as if a bell had tolled within his head, only it didn't produce any sound, only a direction. This close to the ward, he knew exactly where it was, but he suspected that if he had been further away, he would still have known the general direction. He called out to Asha'man Naslyn to let him know he felt the ward trigger, and turned around.

Teiran hadn't asked many questions during the weaving, but he had a few now, and with the general permission given earlier, he felt bold enough to ask. "I have a question, Asha'man Naslyn." Receiving permission to ask, Teiran went on. "Regarding this last weave, how can it be modified? You said that it will detect humans passing through it, but is it any way that it can detect anything else, say, animals or birds? Also, will it work no matter how far away I am from the ward, or does it require me to be within a certain distance?" Teiran looked down meekly, awaiting an answer as well as the continuation of the lesson.

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              • *lesson complete* (nm)Anonymous, Mon Jul 24 3:24am
                • Woot!Donna, Fri Jul 28 6:40pm
                  Yay! Great work, folks. You'll note the lovely pink 'X' on the LPP. That was the lesson you won for solving the puzzle in the Initiate Monthly, right? Cooool. ;o) ~Donna aka Your Local MoN
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