Second Trial: Avarin Myee's testimony
Wed May 31, 2006 5:37am (XFF:

Teiran watched with interest as the young man who had allegedly dishonored the young girl stepped forward to give his testimony. He wore clothes of a good cut, and the fabric was certainly finer than the coarse woolens that dominated in this tiny village. He seemed to be very much in control of himself, more than Teiran would have suspected of someone that stood trial. It was almost as if he was used to this kind of thing, or that he was simply so convinced of his innocence that he had nothing to fear from the magistrate.

"I have not dishonored Mileya." He glanced quickly at the girl in question, seated only a short distance away, and as his eyes met hers, it seemed as if the boy's confidence was bolstered by what he saw in them. "My name is Avarin Myee, and I hail from the city of Caemlyn. It is true that I met Mileya only a few days ago, but it was not out of any design or plot on my behalf that we fell in love with each other. I did not seduce her, as her father accuses me of. Rather, our meeting was a meeting between two souls that were destined for each other, and we both knew it immediately. What happened two nights ago was not proper, in that I agree. But I did not dishonor her. What we did, only happened because we were both so lost in our love for each other that reason had fled from our minds. All that mattered was the two of us, and the rest of the world did not exist. This is how it has been every day since we met. We have spoken, laughed, danced and enjoyed each other's company, without regard for the rest of the world. We have loved and still love each other truly and deeply. I would ask her father for her hand in marriage, but I know he would refuse me. This is not dishonor, Master Delmar. This is true love, blessed by the Light."

As Avarin stepped back, and sat back down on his chair, Teiran noticed that his eyes shone with unshed tears, probably at the frustration of not being understood. However, for a brief moment there was something on his face that seemed ... out of place, in a way. A hint of smugness, or triumph. Teiran shook his head. He probably imagined it. Why would the boy feel smug? He was still very much in danger of having the trial go against him. He had given a good performance, though, and from Teiran's point of view, had managed to strengthen his case by his appeal to love, and emotions.

OOC: Ok, the poor heartbroken guy's testimony is up. Feel free to expose him as a cold, uncaring lad that'll run to another village and another girl as soon as he can. Or, let him be sincere about his love... It's up to the other testimonies. :)

Oh, and I hope it's ok that I made him from out of town? Just let me know if it's not.

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