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A cause close to my heart.
Wed May 31, 2006 9:57pm (XFF:

Moira hesitantly let her weave fall apart, slightly disappointed at the speed with which it dissipated into the air, the threads returning to their place in the ceaseless river of saidar from which the novice had drawn them in the first place. But Accepted Medaea had said to move, and so move she would. Moira hung at the back of the group, not wishing to get in anybody's way with her inability to take very large steps; she was almost the very last person to slip through the door into the large room that smelled so strongly of herbs.

Once the smell hit her, Moira couldn't help but smiling. Her mother had hung herbs in the kitchen, and most of these scents were familiar to her. I never thought I'd be homesick, she thought wonderingly, taking her seat at the table and keeping her rapt attention on the two Accepted.

"Before you are different types of herbs and Accepted Allain and I are going to teach you two different ways to dry them out, depending on your strength in the One Power." Oh, I hope that I'm strong enough to do it. Moira frowned slightly, worrying. Hopefully I'll be able to do at least one of the ways... "You might be wondering what these herbs are and what they're for. On this half of the room there are culinary herbs from the many herb gardens throughout the White Tower grounds and on this half are the medicinal. Aes Sedai work in these rooms normally to dry them out, package them and then they're taken to cities and donated to those who need it. Some are, of course, saved for White Tower needs, but this batch today is meant to be sent to Cairhien to help out with a lot of the refugees there."

Moira smiled. To Cairhien, where she'd come from. Indeed, she'd be a refugee, herself, and it had been nigh on impossible luck which had brought her to the White Tower. For a moment she was tempted to let her thoughts wander towards her brother Canley - What's he been doing, since I left? I hope he's all right... - but the sudden golden light around Accepted Medaea warned her that the One Power was going to be used shortly. The Cairhienin girl pushed thoughts of family from her mind to be considered later and put herself to task, grey eyes focusing carefully on the Accepted and her weaves. A delicate weave of air and water... It did not look too terribly difficult. Very similar to the previous weave they'd learned, in fact, although the threads were even smaller than the previous had been.

Well, that was fine. Using too much of the Power exhausted her, even after all the time she'd been in Tar Valon, and she appreciated the fact that both of the powers that the Accepted was using were her two strongest. As the Accepted sent the novices on their merry way to preserve the herbs for the Cairhienin - what a nice task this was! - Moira turned her attention to the bunch of oregano lying on the table in front of her. Pale slender fingers lifting the herbs from the tabletop, and the Cairhienin girl smiled. She knew what the delicious flavor of this herb added to the dishes of her home. Hopefully somebody back in Cairhien would appreciate this bundle when it finally reached them for aid.

With a deep breath, Moira embraced the True Source, the flickering glow of saidar surrounding her sooner each time that she surrendered to the One Power. Her progress pleased her, but now was not the time to think on it. Accepted Medaea had specifically requested that they dry and preserve as many herbs as possible, and Moira had no desire to cross the Mayener Accepted. She deftly separated a single leaf of oregano from the rest of the bunch, at the same time selecting the slenderest of threads of Air and Water. Using gentle, delicate motion, she moved the threads into a finely-woven net, holding her breath as if a single exhalation would destroy her handiwork. Then, still not daring to breathe, Moira drew the weave through the leaf, and... it went immediately brittle.

Her excitement caused her to loose her careful grid and almost crush the oregano, but Moira managed to keep her fingers from turning her herbs into dust as she laid the leaf down with trembling hands, a smile painted on her face. She was never entirely sure about the potency of her very tiny threads, but growing experience gave her more confidence and a defter touch. It's almost like sewing, she told herself. Only just a little harder.

Eager to repeat her success, Moira lifted the bunch of herbs, carefully forming the same grid that she'd produced on her first try, and then drew it through the bunch of leaves. It worked! She suppressed the desire to cry out triumphantly, proud of her progress in this use of the One Power. I will be Aes Sedai, just you see! I'll be the greatest Aes Sedai ever!

Of course, she was still a few - or, unfortunately, quite a few - years away from her lofty goal. But Moira Ivon, novice of the White Tower, was well on her way.


OOC// Thanks, Taryn. =D I appreciate the extension for this great lesson!

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