First Trial: Tit for Tat
Thu Jun 1, 2006 10:17am (XFF:

The Aes Sedai spoke a few comments on their essays, to which Lilli paid cautious attention. She wondered whether her ‘cause’ had been too broad a range, and too vague at that, in which case she wondered how to narrow it down to what would be more acceptable to the Blue Ajah. Hm, well, she thought, I suppose if I were to become a writer, I’d be more of a Brown. Wouldn’t I? Aren’t they the scholars? The workings inside the White Tower were like intricate puzzle pieces she desired to obtain, and quickly. Her thirst for knowledge was great, most probably because she was so enthralled by everything that surrounded her. Aes Sedai and novices! Disbelief was still prominent in her set of mind.

They were then led to what she had begun to know as the Traveling Yards—she had come here for the Altara lesson as well—, and there another Aes Sedai opened a gateway for them to cross through. In the passing of a step they were in a whole different land, and as opposed to the grandeur of the structures within the Shining Walls, the group was faced with squat, quaint structures that named the place a village. As Lilli took a few steps forward to make room for the others filing through behind her, she found herself feeling a strange mingling of disappointment and wonder. Disappointment because she had thought they were going somewhere grand, though that really was a childish expectation, and wonder because she was amazed at the sudden change that had come over her. In the course of four days!

In the course of four days, she had become used to the extravagance of the White Tower already, that the cozy but primitive abodes that suddenly surrounded her seemed crude. Almost….inferior. Light, she wondered, blinking, What has come over me? She shook these intolerable thoughts away as they were led towards an inn, and presently into its encompassments. Two trials were immediately presented to them upon their entering into the spacious room. Lilli was placed to ‘judge’ the first trial, with the two farmers whose property had both suffered an injustice. Lilli herself shied away from the curious looks she and the other white-clad novices drew from the others in the room; they must have been quite the sight, trooping in like a flock of….white things.

The first trial commenced, and the farmer called Master Ludin stepped up to share his testimony.

“I beg you, sir magistrate,” he began in a quiet voice, and was promptly instructed to speak louder. “I beg you,” he repeated, “Please hear my case.”

“That’s why you’re standing there,” someone near the back of the room commented rudely, evoking some snickers, but the room was silent again soon.

Master Ludin’s weathered face had gone a shade crimson. “If any of you have ever done any sheepherding,” he began again, “you’ll know how easy it is for sheep to go astray.” More snickers. Roughly clearing his throat, he continued, “I didn’t….I wasn’t aware of my flock wandering over to Bowmer’s land. I can swear to that. It was a wholly unintended mistake, sirs.” He seemed to have run out of steam. A man whose words were few and scarce, Lilli thought sadly. She could relate. “Even honest men make mistakes. My eldest, Wil, was supposed to care for the flock, as he always does,” he explained, his voice dipping with nervousness, “but he fell ill that day. So I took the flock out myself to give them a little graze, and…I stopped for just a little rest under the big elm. These old joints…they get along better with just a little help, I thought, so I took out my flagon…”

“Ludin, you old fool,” a feminine voice came from somewhere, “Your drinking habits are incorrigible!” The farmer’s face flushed with embarrassment once again.

“Will everyone else please stay silent,” the magistrate spoke up then, mild irritation on his face, “No stray comments. That goes for you, Nasha.” He turned his face to the farmer. “Master Ludin, you may continue.”

“All I’ve to say,” the farmer said after a hesitant pause, “is that grass off the land may be replenished and grown again. It hardly equals two of my best milk cows.” He pointed an accusing finger in the direction of Master Bowmer. “What I did was by accident! He has no right—none!—to zilch members of my herd. I know it was him who did it, sir magistrate,” the man was becoming excited with his emotions, “Bowmer has forever been coveting after my stock; the village knows of that. When I saw his stable-hand, Rusty, loitering around my stables the other day, I knew it was him. Two prize cows, worth a few handfuls of half-withered grass? I ask you, does that sound fair?” And that was the end of it.

Lilli watched Master Ludin walk back to his seat with pained fascination. She completely agreed with his argument, of course—grass could hardly be worth the same as two cows—, and she felt her pity reaching out to him. She knew, however, that all arguments had two sides, and they had not yet heard Master Bowmer’s testimony about what had happened. She thought, however, as she watched from where she stood Master Ludin’s face crumple in a countenance of despair, that she had already taken her stand towards what she would vote for.

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