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Thu Jun 1, 2006 8:40pm (XFF:

The White Tower is a place of wonder, containing people from every walk of life. There were nobles of the highest birth all the way down to Sarina. There was no doubt about it, as the ways of the world go Sarina was most definitely at the very bottom rung. This must be the truth, or so Sarina thought. Though in the Tower such things did not matter, or they were not supposed to. But all signs in this universe point to the simple fact that they did.

Sarina, while not ignored by others in the Tower, was not accepted and she knew it. It had been over a week since she had to speak at all. She went to all her lessons, but in the majority of them the instructors already knew who she was and did not need further introductions. The Accepted distance themselves from Novices on purpose and for some reason Novices distanced themselves from Sarina. They did not speak to her, or if they did it was to give some instruction which did not demand an answer, but obedience. Even in her chores she was silent, it was not necessary to speak in order to obey Mistress Laras in the kitchen.

Silence is golden, or at least Sarina had read. After her talk with Accepted Kaera she had somewhat grasped the need for literacy and had thrown herself into her studies. It was only two weeks since the encounter and she was already reading simple books and poems. It was truly amazing what could be done when she put her mind to learning. Yet studies did not require speaking. Reading with the tutors did, but that was not the same. She was not saying anything of her own, simply attempting to say something someone else had written.

Sarina had not truly spoken to anyone until today. Today she was in studio number eight in the Accepted galleries for an art lesson. Sarina had no idea what art was, but after somewhat accepting the importance of literacy she came to the conclusion that everything taught by the Aes Sedai and Accepted must have some value. So here she was wearing a small apron around her muscled lithe frame her short mousey brown hair just barely falling around her eyes, even as it curled and spun in every direction because she still had little reason to maintain it. Her eyes a golden color today were not focused on Menaihya Sedai or Gaben Sedai, but on a osprey circling the Tower when she heard: “You. If you do not pay more careful attention from now on, you will risk the danger of my impatience. Begin first with the introductions.”

Sarina felt slightly put out by the Aes Sedai’s comment; assuming that she was not able to perform two simultaneous tasks. She had heard everything the woman had said about it being an art lesson and a channeling lesson, as well as the instructions to get an apron. Yet she reigned in her impulse to explain herself and for the first time in a long time she spoke.

“I am Sarina and I am from the forest. Galemsa Sedai says I am Andoran. I have been in the Tower forty-four days now. From weakest to strongest my elements are Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Spirit, and I have no idea what art is. It is a new word for me.”

Sarina with great difficulty resisted the urge to look out the window to see if the osprey was still there. Instead she matched the Aes Sedai’s gaze and with her golden eyes attempted to read what the woman was thinking.

(OOC: You may wonder at the title, it is the number of words Sarina said. Fifty-one. Interesting...well sort of interesting...well it is a cool number...well shut up. J.K.)

  • Channeling: Art SurveyMenaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah, Thu Jun 1 5:15am
    By all means, the artistic talent simply did not reside in her genes. Or so every acquaintance of hers might observe, when perceiving, say, her hand in writing, or even her character in general. What ... more
    • Lesson CancelledAmy, Fri Jun 30 4:47am
      Due to the factor of nobody replying to Part I, this lesson is hereby cancelled. *peeks into crevices* Where on earth did you all go? I hope more of you show up for the next channeling lesson. -Amy-
    • Part I: WatercoloristMenaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah, Thu Jun 8 12:07am
      When the introductions were through, Menaihya nodded her approval and stood to her feet. “We will start off the lesson with a little painting,” she announced upon doing so, and directed her cool... more
    • ArtsyNovice Lilli Bloom, Sun Jun 4 11:18pm
      In the week and a half she had been here, she had progressed marginally in her prowess with the One Power; she could hold the sweet essence of saidar for more than ten seconds, for one thing, and she ... more
    • More advanced than finger-painting?Novice Moira Ivon, Thu Jun 1 9:31pm
      Attention, novices! A lesson touching on preliminary art is to be held in studio number eight in the western Accepted galleries, at promptly after the final toll of the midday bell. For those of you... more
    • Fifty-One — Novice Sarina, Thu Jun 1 8:40pm
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