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More advanced than finger-painting?
Thu Jun 1, 2006 9:31pm (XFF:

Attention, novices! A lesson touching on preliminary art is to be held in studio number eight in the western Accepted galleries, at promptly after the final toll of the midday bell. For those of you wishing to attend and receive credit, do not be late! Those of you with long hair, please be sure that it is either tied up or pulled back. In the Light, Menaihya of the Nine Valleys Taardad Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah.

Immediately, Moira touched a slender hand to the own short black hair pinned away from her face, pleased that since she'd arrived at the Tower she'd had a chance to find a novice skilled enough with a pair of borrowed scissors to trim it back to the chin-length she preferred. She smiled as her fingers curled through the black waves, but let her hand fall to her side after but a moment of toying with her hair. Of course, she would still pin her hair back, as she usually did every morning before breakfast - if the Aes Sedai was requesting that novices with longer hair tie their locks back, then she probably wouldn't mind if those with shorter hair did the same.

But this truly did look like an interesting lesson. The Cairhienin girl had never really been terribly involved with art, only with simple sewing and the occasional weaving that her mother had coaxed her into helping with. Perhaps that counted as an art, but Moira suspected this would be different from what she was used to and much more like the finger-drawings she'd made in the mud on rainy days when she was much, much younger. It would be an interesting experience to learn art, even if she didn't turn out to be very good at it. To tell the truth, book learning was sometimes dull, and although the occasional lessons that stretched outside books and mathematics - which she'd picked up rather quickly for a girl who hadn't been able to read when she'd arrived at the White Tower three months ago - were fascinating, she yearned for something new and different.

Well, it appeared that her wish had come along.

Puzzling over that odd name - Menaihya of the Nine Valleys Taardad. What kind of name was that? Where could the Aes Sedai possibly come from? - she moved away from the lesson board, slipping through the crowds of taller people in order to escape to the servants' halls, where she had sewing chores until lunch. Moira would simply wonder over that name while she sewed, since mending was practically a thoughtless task to her. After all, she'd been doing it for quite a while! Maybe she could even ask one of the maids what kind of name that was. Surely they, privy to most of the information floating around the White Tower that wasn't Sealed To The Ring - a particularly imperious phrase that Moira liked even though she only had a vague grasp of what it actually meant, one dropped by a White sister who'd asked the petite novice to deliver a letter to a Green counterpart - would know what kind of name Menaihya Sedai was.

Sewing passed in a flash, and Moira learned the origin of the Green sister's odd name. An Aiel teacher? Would she accept Cairhienin students, or would she veil herself and slit Moira's throat and the throat of any novice just as unlucky to be from the country where Laman Damodred had once ruled? For a little while, the Cairhienin girl had seriously considered not attending the lesson in regard to her own safety, but a plump, middle-aged maid named Millie had informed her that Menaihya Aes Sedai was one of the most pleasant Aiel she'd ever met.

For some reason, I think that Menaihya Sedai might be the only Aiel that Millie has ever met...

She'd been developing a worldly sense like this for a quite a while, and sometimes it surprised her, how superior she regarded herself in comparison to the rest of the world. But in this case, it warranted: Moira was going to be an Aes Sedai, a great user of the One Power and mover of the world, and poor Millie was going to be a maid in the White Tower for the rest of her life.

Turning her thoughts away from those kinds of ideas - poor Millie! - the novice continued ambling down the hallways towards the meal hall. The maids who also spent their mornings mending with Moira had let her go early, laughing and telling her to put some meat on her slender bones. But no matter how much Moira ate, she still stayed the same size: a little under five feet and slender as a boy. Not that she was in any way dismayed by her appearance; on the contrary, her reflection delighted her, especially when the light shifted and she got to watch her usually grey eyes darken to lighten into a pretty blue. That wasn't very often, however, but Moira still liked to glance into mirrors as she passed, just to check.

Having eyes that changed color was fun. It was a conversation starter, especially when other people pointed it out.

She slipped happily into the meal hall, claiming a spot at the front of the already increasing line, and loaded her tray with fresh vegetables, two slices of bread, and a rather sizeable lump of chicken. Retreating to a seat near the window - oh, but she was lucky today! - she proceeded to pile the herbed chicken, the lettuce, the tomatoes, and the pickles that she loved between the slices of warm, fresh bread. Anyone not familiar with Moira might have thought it a bit large for the tiny Cairhienin girl, but she attacked it with gusto; it was gone in almost a flash, leaving her happily sipping away at the glass of milk she'd helped herself to, as well.

Mm. Lunch in the White Tower was always delicious; the Mistress of the Kitchens could always been counted on to produce the most wonderful meals, and they seemed especially so on days when Moira was tired or not feeling her usual cheerful self. But even today it was wonderful!

Moira left the hall with a smile with a few minutes to spare, slipping into studio number eight in the western Accepted galleries with a few tolls of the bell left. She loved being early, especially since that meant she got first choice of seats or whatever the Aes Sedai teaching might be offering today. As she entered, she dropped a curtsy that was much improved since she'd first arrived to the two Aes Sedai - two Aes Sedai! How often did two Aes Sedai teach lesson? She was so excited! - who stood at the front of the classroom, smiling back at the brother who had such a nice smile. The Green sister's eyes didn't seem too pleased to note all of the novices, but Moira shrugged off the feeling of being weighed.

She was utterly determined to enjoy this lesson. After all, what was more fun than coloring things and making them pretty?

The Aiel sister spoke suddenly, her voice surprisingly cool. Was she not going to enjoy this lesson? “As you all have read, this is an art lesson. Channeling will be required for it. Firstly, I would like you all to go get an apron for yourself and wear it.” Joining in the rush of novices, Moira managed to claim a purple apron. She loved purple, especially when her father had told her that only the nobility could afford it. If only he could see her now, wearing such a pretty color! “Now, for introductions. I am Menaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah.”

“And I’m Gaben Ashfair Sedai of the Green Ajah." Gaben Sedai seemed much more pleasant than Menaihya Sedai. It was too bad that Moira couldn't take the lesson from him, since the Green sister seemed determined to dim everybody's mood.

“In order list your names, nation and city of origin, the length of your stay in the White Tower, and the strength of your Elements from weakest to strongest. And then I would like for you to state what experience, if any, you have had in the mechanics of art.” The Green sister's finger alighted on some novice who had been misfortunate enough to be looking out of the window as Menaihya Sedai spoke. “You. If you do not pay more careful attention from now on, you will risk the danger of my impatience. Begin first with the introductions.”

Moira recognized the girl as that novice who'd been dragged in from a forest, although she didn't know her very well. What kind of people come from forests? she wondered. But quickly, the introductions came around to her and she curtsied once more, carefully not to tug at the purple apron she now wore over her starkly white novice gown. "My name is Moira Ivon, Aes Sedai," she said. What was the word for two Aes Sedai? Was it Aes Sedais? "I come from the Foregate of Cairhien, and I have been in the tower for three months. Um, my Elements from weakest to strongest are Earth, Fire, Spirit, Air, and Water. I don't know if it counts, but I used to help my mother mend and sometimes I embroidered for her."

Pleased with her concise offer of information, she dropped another curtsy, offered a shy smile, and stepped back into the crowd of novices. I wonder if we get to finger-paint!

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