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Sun Jun 4, 2006 2:02pm (XFF:

She looks so young. It was his first thought, after careful consideration of Tira --- the Aes Sedai who had not long ago (or so it seemed) been one of the Accepted. Briefly, Kirito wondered what the other Novices saw in him. As a male, he was still something of a rarity in the White Tower – and he had been older when he’d begun this ascension towards becoming an Aes Sedai, older than most Novices anyhow.

It’s been what…two years? It was disturbing to find that he could hardly remember how long he’d been in the White Tower. He knew for a fact that some of the other Novices and Accepted --- aye, and Aes Sedai – carefully catalogued the duration of their stay in the White Tower. Some had been here for decades, and others even longer than that.

An essay? Kirito frowned slightly, briefly distorting his nearly infamous face -- You’re too pretty for your own good, Kirito. --- before the expression was gone, vanished into the somber mien that had become something of a standard with the young man. But what cause would I follow? He stared down at the desk where he sat, stared at the blank sheet of paper before him, and let his thoughts whisper around the corners of his mind. In time, they would gather. It was always like that, with him.

Carefully, he brushed his hand across the sheet, and when he finally began to write – to the scratching sound of other Novices already far into their essays – it came easily.

Before coming to the White Tower, it was often my duty to manage the relationship between my parents – creating a semblance of civility where there was none. To this effect, it would make the most sense for me to follow a similar path, if I were to become one of the Blue Ajah.

While there may not be true diplomats in the fold of the Blue Ajah, it is true that there are those who pass information along – the eyes and ears of every Ajah. It would be the gathering and analyzation of this information that I would likely attend to – and from such would select the appropriate action regarding any given political act.

It is difficult to be specific, but it seems to me that acting as a sort of interpreter between the Blue Ajah and the rest of the known world – nobility and peasant voice alike – would be an effective and dignified task in of itself, especially when one takes the concerns of information in hand.

The Blue Ajah is known for it’s causes, and while some may seem – on the surface – to be more powerful than others, it is often said that
knowledge is power. And what better way to affect the events of a world than to gather information regarding it, and use it? With the proper handling, even a small bit of information can prove to affect a far greater event --- and the outcome of said event.

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