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True Friends
Sun Jun 4, 2006 2:40pm (XFF:

The idea of a trial was something that Kirito could appreciate. Though he didn’t particularly know if anything he said would truly be taken into account when it came down to judgement, it was still good to know that he might have a chance to change something --- even if it were so small as a call for justice. It is a beginning. He thought, and followed Tira and the rest of the class in a semi-brooding silence, the slightest frown touching his lips.

I must absorb everything in order to make a good assessment of this. It was his first thought, even as he settled himself to await the beginning of the trial. It seemed a simple enough matter to him --- the honor of a young woman was at stake. He watched the play of emotions across the young man’s face --- Avarin --- as he spoke. He seemed upset, unshed tears bright in his eyes as he vowed that what had been done had been out of love and little else.

Love? After only having known each other for a short time? Kirito, though he was willing to admit that such things could – and had – occurred, could not believe it in regards to this young man. And then, there were his mother’s words to consider --- Love is a carefully nurtured thing, that grows over time. When it begins, it is little more than a sprout. With years of care and tending, it may yet become the blossom of something true and beautiful.

Second came the girl’s father, who despite his anger maintained himself well enough. Kirito was impressed --- most men in Master Delmar’s position would not be so calm. Is there something there, too? Perhaps he is only so calm because there is no truth to this at all. But no…his face says he believes his own blood. His face, and other things. The man spoke honestly, and Kirito could tell that he was holding his anger and pain back. A loving father, and nothing more.

“If Master Delmar’s daughter would please …” That was the magistrate, and after a moment it was obvious to Kirito that the girl would not yet be coming forward to voice her half of the story. And what will she say? Kirito wondered, but put the thought from his mind. It would come eventually, but not at this moment. “Excuse me.” The magistrate said, and smiled almost sheepishly, and went on to order the presence of two youths – one a friend of the allegedly dishonored girl, another the friend of Avarin. Kirito, trying to keep his expression calm, listened to what each had to say.

“My name is Torri Serralan.” She began, so quiet that Kirito could barely hear her. She was fidgeting, shifting back and forth, and obviously nervous about this entire proceedings. For an instant, Kirito pitied her --- she had not asked to be a part of this. “I’ve known Master Delmar’s daughter since we were both little girls. We grew up together.” She said, and smiled, as if briefly caught in some memory from the past. “Anyway, I’ve known her all my life, and…” She glanced up, towards Master Delmar, then to the magistrate, and then back to her own hands.

“Miss Serralan…” the magistrate said, a frown on his face. Kirito waited, saying not a single word. “…and she’d never do that!” Torri said, abruptly, her face lifting. Kirito could see the anger and hurt reflected in the young woman’s gaze – the sort of things that only a true friend could accomplish. This was no act. “She’s not…not like that! She never said anything to me about….” She trailed off, blushing slightly. “…and she would have, if something like that had happened.” And then, just as abruptly as she had began, Torri stopped speaking, her face still red with a mixture of embarrassment and anger. After a moment, she was replaced with a young, sour-faced man – a friend of Avarin’s – who was glaring at Torri as she left, almost leering.

“Avar’d never do such a thing.” He said, without preamble. “’e loves the girl. It’s Master Delmar that’s lying.” The young man gave a sharp nod, glared again at Torri, and swaggered off in the direction of ‘Avar’, seating himself with a scowl and a grunt.

Heh. I couldn’t help it. Of course, it could all still be turned around. Have fun!

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