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Asha'man Naslyn Tamco
Repelling wards
Sun Jun 4, 2006 11:24pm (XFF:

Naslyn looked at the boy for a moment, pondering his question. It was one of those that difficult-to-explain phenomenon. How to control the focus target of a ward. “Well, Novice Teiran, there are two answers to this question. For the kind of passive ward we have been weaving, adding a skein of Fire to the border of the weave will allow you to sense, instinctively, what animal exactly has crossed your ward. The detection ward you wove before would have triggered even if a fish went through, not just a human, but you wouldn’t know the difference without lining the edges with Fire.”

The Asha’man stopped for a slight breath before continuing, “The second method, is to key your ward specifically to a certain creature or animal. This is rather more difficult to explain. Here, intent is the key. The intent in your mind when you weave will focus the ward. Physically, there is little outward difference in any keyed ward even if they all trigger for different creatures. Intent is the key. Since you asked about this, it will be the basis for the next part of the lesson. As for distance, there is no real limitation to passive wards. This is not the case, however, for active wards, especially those of an active preventive nature, such as repelling wards.”

Motioning the Novice to follow him, Naslyn moved toward the stables. The next part of the lesson would be one with… powerful odours. Granted it was not one of his best lesson ideas but the Mistress of Novices had not given him much notice. Taking Teiran to one of the empty stalls far from the busier areas in the stables, Naslyn told the Novice to wait.

A short while later, Asha’man and Novice stared at a small pile of fresh manure. He hoped the kid would not puke. “As you know, manure attracts flies. Of these, there are two common types, bluebottles and greenbottles. I will show you a simple repelling weave. The key again is intent. Mentally focus on the intended target of your ward as you weave.”

Naslyn channelled, mentally focusing on bluebottles, as he formed a semi-circular dome of Fire over the pile of dung. This was covered over by a similar dome of Spirit. A second dome of Fire sandwiched the Spirit dome. The weave finished, Naslyn spoke again, ignoring the growing stink, “I have placed a repelling ward on the manure and keyed it to bluebottles. Now, if you observe carefully, though bluebottles are attracted to the manure, they will not pass through my ward to land. Greenbottles, however, are not affected since I did not key the ward to them. The basic structure of a repelling ward is the same for all purposes and a single ward can be keyed to multiple targets. Do note, however, that this ward induces a general sense of unease in its target. It cannot physically prevent passage if the will of the target is strong enough to overcome its natural instincts. Therefore, this weave will not, for example, stop the passage of a crazed Halfman intending on killing you, even if specifically keyed to it.”

The Asha’man waited for Teiran to nod understanding. Once he got that, Naslyn instructed the Novice simply, “The next part of this lesson is very simple. I want you to the detection ward and practice focusing it by making greenbottles the key. Once you have gotten it to trigger for greenbottles only, place a repelling ward above your detection ward and key it to greenbottles as well. If your repelling ward works properly, you should no longer detect greenbottles passing through the inner ward.”

OOC: Sorry for the lengthy delay. A five day convention is rather tiring, so short lesson post. I know, its not much of an excuse but I think I’ve dithered enough. Simple second part, 400 words will do.

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            The lesson seemed to be moving towards a close, something which Teiran was deeply thankful for. It was not that he didn't enjoy channeling, quite the opposite. However, after a good two hour lesson,... more
            • *lesson complete* (nm)Anonymous, Mon Jul 24 3:24am
              • Woot!Donna, Fri Jul 28 6:40pm
                Yay! Great work, folks. You'll note the lovely pink 'X' on the LPP. That was the lesson you won for solving the puzzle in the Initiate Monthly, right? Cooool. ;o) ~Donna aka Your Local MoN
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