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Novice Seizing: Two Dreams, Two Lives (Attn: Johnny)
Wed Jun 7, 2006 8:13pm (XFF:

Left. Right. Left again. Turn. Spin. Attack. Duck! The ground spun up to meet Adrian as the blunted edge of his opponent’s sword smacked him in the ribs. He landed with a grunt and lay there, brown hair spewed all over his broad face, gasping for breath. Despite his ultimate loss, Adrian couldn’t help but smile in content at his progress. The duration of this recent sparring ranged beyond fifteen minutes and he was training with a Gaidin. Only last week, his lanky body had been eating dirt after a mere five minutes of trading blows.

Hurst Gaidin tossed his practice sword behind him and walked towards Adrian, breathing hard as well. “You have done well, Accepted Adrian. Your training is still up to par.”

Adrain pulled himself back upright, fighting the impulse to rub his aching side. He predicted a massive bruise tomorrow. But right now, he didn’t care. Hurst had just delivered a compliment, a rare jewel that made the Accepted feel as if he was walking on air. Ever since entreating the Gaidin to become his mentor in the art of swordplay, Adrian estimated he had received maybe five compliments, and no more than a dozen words of wisdom. This bothered him not at all, because, in his eyes, the few words of praise were worth all the blood and sweat that went into the earning of them.

As the two removed their protective clothing and headed away from the practice arena, Adrian reflected upon his unique situation. Seven years ago, he had journeyed to Tar Valon with aspirations of becoming a Gaidin. Like every young boy with any inkling of the world around him, Adrian’s Tear background had him growing up with stories of heroes from the Age of Legends. And like any young lad, he dreamed of growing up to become that hero of the present. Despite the modest station of his family, Adrian had managed to acquire lessons in weaponry in efforts to achieve his dream. At eighteen, he had joined the train of a Tar Valon bound noble as an attendant and entered himself in as a Gaidin-in-Training.

Two years into his training, Adrian discovered his talent of channeling and the Aes Sedai had immediately snatched him up. Adrian viewed this as a great misfortune in his life. Although he the idea of being Aes Sedai didn’t repulse the young man, his true dream lay in weaponry. After lengthy discussions involving the Amrylin Seat herself, it was arranged that Adrian could continue his weapons training on his spare time.

“What keeps you so silent, Adrian?”

Startled, the Accepted’s mind leaped out of his memories and focused on the task at hand. “Just musing, I guess” he murmured, removing his padding with a renewed vigor.

Hurst raised his eyebrows. “Don’t tell me you’ve found yourself a girl.”

“What?” The practice sword clattered to the cement ground as Adrain spun to stare at the Gaidin in shock.

The eyes of the older man twinkled. “Nothing, nothing. Just making sure that mind of yours hasn’t completely dissolved under the schedule you keep.”

“It’s not as bad as you think it is,” Adrian protested. “Honestly, by now, I’m rather used to it. If I didn’t keep this schedule I daresay that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself during my free time.”

The two finished stowing their equipment and headed back towards the interior of the White Tower in a companionable silence.

Suddenly Adrian stopped, an idea coming to him. “However,” he began, “I could do without these extra channeling lessons the Mistress of Novices keeps throwing me. Couildn’t you do any thing about it?”

Hurst shot him a look. “You know I cannot. If I do anything to suggest that you cannot fulfill your duties as an Accepted, your training to be a Gaidin, as limited as it currently is, will curtail completely.”

The Accepted nodded in understanding. “I suppose I just wish that the Aes Sedai could be a bit more flexible with me. I mean, after all, I did agree to join there ranks as well as those of the Gaidin.”

“You’re a special case, Adrain. Accept it about yourself and you’ll be that much happier. But we talk too much while you have duties to attend. Shall I expect you at dawn day after tomorrow?”

“Day after tomorrow it will be.” Adrain waved to his friend and teacher and headed back inside the tower. Only then did he afford a glance at the sky, and to his astonishment, it was nearly midday. In but a few minutes, he was supposed to be hosting an embracing lesson in the library. Biting his lip, Adrian broke into a run, taking all the shortcuts he could remember. Panting, he arrived to find the wing of the library where the lesson was supposed to occur devoid of all life. Good.

Vaguely, he wondered if any novices would bother to show up at all considering the odd time and location. Many novices would opt for a better embracing lesson that didn’t conflict with the lunch hour. With a shrug, Adrain pulled up a chair and began to wait.

OOC: Part One of your mentored/seizing lesson. Ready? Right now, just an introduction/background information and arrival will be sufficient. Have fun!

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