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Elements of Strength
Wed Jun 7, 2006 8:18pm (XFF:

"If you'll pay close attention Accepted Medaea and I will perform one way to dry the herbs – I'll show the male channelers how to use Earth and Fire first and Accepted Medaea will first demonstrate using Air and Water, then we'll switch." If the Accepted hadn't been an Accepted, and likely unappreciative of the gesture, Jocelyn could have kissed him for those words. Light, but finally a weave using Fire and Earth! How nice that was to finish off this lesson. After all, she hadn't been relishing the idea yet another of those tiny weaves of Air and Water, especially not the small grid of the two that Accepted Medaea was currently working over some basil. She had the raw strength to manage small amounts of her weak elements, but dexterity was always a mild issue on such small weaves and it was a bit more difficult with Air and Water. Yet, as she watched the Accepted made it seem like nothing. Of course, Jocelyn had to suppose that she would have been able to accomplish it with equal skill, just a slightly different approach. After all, sixteen years of channeling had taught her to work with her weaknesses, and Air and Water were her weaknesses. The sul'dam had never trained any ability she had in Air or Water; she had had to do that herself in the last ten years.

"Now for Earth and Fire." Accepted Medaea picked up the explanation as she finished the first method. "For anyone who is stronger in Earth and Fire, you're best off using this method, which is just as effective, but different." Jocelyn fought an urge to smile and shake her head as if amused with a child. The Accepted really hadn't needed to state that this method was effective but different. If it wasn't effective they would have been learning it. As for different… Well any novice who could see the flows, which was just about any novice, should have been able to see it was different. Something about this Accepted both amused Jocelyn and grated on her nerves at the same time. She was – that was she just seemed – so young. After all, it was rare to find initiates who weren't raised Aes Sedai by their early or mid-thirties. Jocelyn was that old and still a novice though, and she was fairly sure Medaea was younger. Then again, this was the White Tower and age could not always be determined by looks alone.

"Remember to keep you net close and fine," Accepted Medaea told the class as Jocelyn memorized the strands of the weave so she could recreate it. Rapid memorization was a skill she had learned as a damane and since perfected as a novice. "We're not looking to do a lot of work with the One Power, just precise weaving more than anything." Well, that was a point well made. Jocelyn knew from her own early years as a novice, the first time she had been in sole control of her ability to channel, she had wanted to draw in as much saidar as she could, simply because she could. Small, intricate weaves with small amounts of the Power just didn't create the same sense of joy. It was a lesson learned with time and experience that bigger was not always better, especially when it came to the intoxicating nature of the True Source.

"Each of you take a bunch of herbs and use whichever method of drying that you are most comfortable with, depending on you strengths in the Power. Accepted Alain and I will be walking around to offer any help or assist if you run into trouble." Jocelyn nodded to herself turned her attention to the herbs on the table. The other girl she was sitting with, a novice whom she recognized from lessons but whose name she couldn't recall, already shone with the Power. For a moment, Jocelyn watched as the fire-haired girl made an attempt at weaving the drying weave with Air and Water. Her strands were far too clumsy though; she was inexperienced and hadn't honed them down to a proper size.

"You know," Jocelyn said quietly to the girl as she embraced saidar herself, "If you thin out the flows like this," she drew a fine thread of Air from the Power, "you'll have more luck with that." The girl looked at her in surprise before trying to do as Jocelyn had just showed her.

"Like this?" she questioned, showing a thinner strand of Water than before.

"Yes, exactly. Like Accepted Medaea said, this weave is more about precision than anything and smaller flows are more precise." She paused and smiled, "I'm Jocelyn Selle, by the way."

"Sai al'Loren." The girl replied with a smile. "Thank you. For the advice, I mean." Jocelyn smiled all the more brightly and bent over her own bundle of herbs. As any woman should, she recognized the plant as heartleaf, and herb that when dried could be brewed as tea and used as an effective means of preventing pregnancy if drunk before engaging in such acts as could cause pregnancy. Of course, Jocelyn had never thought she would have need of the herb, but she knew about it nonetheless. She also knew that it was available as both tea and tincture through the Infirmary, although the tea was only available to Accepted and Aes Sedai. The tincture, a post-encounter method of pregnancy prevention, was available to anyone. This included novices, although for novices a dose would be given upon request and the girl sent straight to Madeline Sedai to be properly punished. Not that any of that affected the channeling she would have to do to dry it. Yet, she had to wonder why exactly heartleaf was considered an herb necessary to the refugees.

Drawing out thin threads of Fire and Earth, she formed the spherical net of elements that was the basis of the weave with ease, surrounding the herbs with it. Adding more Fire as Accepted Medaea had, she noted that the leaves of the herb curled slightly as the heat affected them and the moisture was drawn out. They dried quickly, becoming suitable to be kept and used for a multitude of purposes. Truthfully, this had been the easiest weave of the entire lesson. Looking up to pick another cluster of herbs and try it again, Jocelyn found Sai staring at her in wonder. "What?" She asked with a laugh.

"It's just that you made that look so easy." Sai replied with innocent awe.

Jocelyn's good spirited laughter rang as she wove over another pile of herbs. And to think, she admired the way the other novice seemed to find Air and Water came so naturally. "Sai, if you only knew."

OOC: Well, that took an unexpected turn as I was writing. 'Twas fun though. Excellent lesson and thank you so much for the extension!

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