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Part I: Watercolorist
Thu Jun 8, 2006 12:07am (XFF:

When the introductions were through, Menaihya nodded her approval and stood to her feet. “We will start off the lesson with a little painting,” she announced upon doing so, and directed her cool verdant gaze on the sea of faces before her. “Everyone, circle around me for the moment. You will need to see what I am doing.” The novices obeyed, and before long a cluster of white-clad boys and girls had surrounded hers and Gaben’s table. As one she and the Green Brother took out two tablets from amongst the boxes, and upon doing so Gaben Ashfair used saidin to push the boxes away and stack them at the far side of the table, so that more space was cleared for them. That obscured and impaired several novices’ view, but they quickly arranged themselves.

“This tablet,” Gaben explained, holding it up, “consists of a stretched piece of painting parchment—thicker and more durable, you see, and slightly textured—trapped under a wooden frame. After your piece is finished, all you have to do is pop the frame out…” He did so, and the students were able to see that a stiff slat of wood disassembled from the back, not having been connected to the frame itself. The paper was able to slide right out. “…and there you have it. As you can see, the frames are reusable.” He put together the tablet once more. “This wood is sanded plywood, and therefore it makes the entire thing light enough to carry around.”

“Also,” Menaihya added, her voice at odds with her countenance in that it was sharp whereas her expression was smooth and bland per always, “it makes it most susceptible to breakage. Each week we hear of countless novices and the more careless Accepted breaking their tablets through simple lack of concern and common sense.”

“Such as sitting on them or hurling them,” Gaben inserted with amusement in the deep brown of his eyes, and Menaihya pressed her lips wryly.

“Yes. Do not do that,” she said, “If you do break a tablet, you will be getting yourself down to the Grove to make a new one.”

“Other than the tablets,” the Brother continued, “you need a brush and a palette of paint. We will have each of you collect these supplies after the demonstration. You can get the paint from these buckets,” he pointed out, “There should be four colors: red, yellow, blue, and white.” He looked up with a pleasant smile—Light, the man was too handsome! “Even if you aren’t artists, you should know that mixing colors derives a whole different color, right? If you didn’t, you are more than welcome to experiment.”

Menaihya took in her slender, tanned fingers a brush, and dipped it into a small glob of red on her palette. She painted a line on the smooth, pristine surface of her tablet, and it came out ridged, scratchy, and dry. “At this point,” she said, as she glanced over at Gaben doing the same, “the paint is too dense. Therefore you apply a filter of Water and adjust as desired to dilute it.” She channeled, weaving a minute grid of the iridescent Element and moving it through the brush from roots to tip, until the paint on it glistened moistly. The drawn line, this time, was smoother, sleeker, and easy to look at. Menaihya applied the weave again, diluting it further, and the lines she drew afterward were now pale and indistinct. “As you can see,” she said, “you can create various effects.”

She glanced up. “I want you to take a few notes. Get out a piece of parchment. If you do not have one, which you should, borrow.” She waited a short while as the novices scrambled to pick through their pouches or whisper to their neighbors for spare papers. “Keep in mind as you paint that there are five different techniques relating to color. The first is called Actual Color. This is the actual hue and tone of the object laid out before you, painted through careful observation and scrutiny.” Gaben rummaged through one of the boxes and tossed her an apple, which she smoothly caught in its arcing flight. “For example, when applying Actual Color to a drawing of this apple, I would draw it as it is. Red.” She touched her brush to the paper again and swiftly drew up the shape of an apple. By using the Water weave, she thinned the paint on the brush when she drew the portion where light reflected off the glossy skin of the apple, and condensed it where there were shadows.

“Secondly is Reflective Color. The apple if set against my green dress would have a faint verdant reflection. The obscure color comes from other objects in the work. Thirdly, Theoretical Color. What looks good. Color harmonies. The colors in this sort of picture are entirely derived from your mind and imagination. Fourthly, Psychological Color, which sets the mood in the picture. Warm tones are reds, yellows, and such, and they set a light mood. Cool tones are blues and grays, etcetera, and they set a grimmer mood. Fifthly, Ingredient Color. That’s combining colors to create new ones; for example, blue and yellow to create green.

“Now,” she said, setting her brush down, “Another weave to apply to painting is as such. If you mess up, you can plunge a grid of Spirit, Air, and Water into the surface of the paper to lift that stain right off. This is trickier than it sounds, because you have to get the grid to be the exact size and shape as the portion you wish to apply erasure to.” She channeled the weave and placed it into a sliver of painted red on the paper, and it lifted off to roll into a compact ball of dry crimson paint that she caught in her palm and dropped on one of the empty niches of her palette.

“I want each of you to collect a tablet, brush, palette, and a prop to draw,” she concluded, “There are plenty of eccentric objects in that box over there. Paint a picture using at least one of the five color techniques I lectured about. Be sure to use the One Power to aid you—Gaben and I will be checking. And remember, art is entirely subjective.”

OOC: Thank you for your attendance! 300 words, please, on painting a picture and channeling to aid you in it. It goes without saying that you should be creative in this (considering this is an art class *grin*). Have fun, ask me questions if you have any, and the fabulous Part II goes up in a week!

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