Of flies and dung
Thu Jun 8, 2006 9:24am (XFF:

The familiar smell of manure assaulted Teiran's senses as they entered the stables, bringing to mind memories of his childhood and adolescence. His father's stable had been a welcome sanctuary when he needed to be alone, and he had only good memories from those days. Leaving the past to its own devices, Teiran shook off thoughts of home. He was more interested in what the present would bring, not to mention the future. Although passive, unlimited wards sounded very interesting, it was wards that produced an actual result he was interested in. Paying attention to the flies, the dung and the channeling, this first weave seemed practical in its own way, but woefully lacking in others. What was the use of a ward if anyone with a strong mind could just ignore it? Hoping he would learn some more fun weaves later, Teiran nodded in understanding before trying himself to recreate the detection and the repelling ward.

Immersed in the Void, Teiran grasped saidin, and focused his mind on the greenbottles that were buzzing around the heap of manure before his feet. He must be looking rather silly to any outsider that might be watching, gazing earnestly into a fresh pile of dung as if the answer to everything lay within its depths. He couldn't abide the thought of someone laughing at him, and stole a quick glance. No one was around besides himself, Asha'man Naslyn and the flies. Keeping his mind focused on the flies, Teiran wove the detection weave again. It was almost familiar to him now, and he only fumbled a little bit with the threads before getting it into place. It was different though, he could notice that. Because he had focused on the greenbottles, the Asha'man called it intent, the weave was slightly altered from the general one he had made earlier. Additionally, in his head the buzzing of the flies echoed as they flew back and forth through the detection ward. Teiran supposed it was a valuable lesson on making wards trigger on specific creatures or animals rather than on everyone. The constant triggering of the ward had already made him a bit dizzy, and he quickly moved on to the last part of the lesson. The repelling ward was totally new to Teiran, and although it involved two of his three strongest powers, it took him a bit of fumbling and a few mistakes before the buzzing in his head ended.

"It seems to be working now, Asha'man Naslyn. At least, I don't feel the detection ward triggering anymore." As the Asha'man was reviewing the weave, Teiran spoke up again.

"When it comes to intent, is it possible to key it to specific individuals or groups of persons? I mean, since it is possible to key it to subgroups of animals, like with the bluebottles and greenbottles, shouldn't it also be possible with humans?" Ever eager to know more, Teiran was looking up into the face of Asha'man Naslyn, his eyes shining with the desire to learn.

  • Repelling wardsAsha'man Naslyn Tamco, Sun Jun 4 11:24pm
    Naslyn looked at the boy for a moment, pondering his question. It was one of those that difficult-to-explain phenomenon. How to control the focus target of a ward. “Well, Novice Teiran, there are two ... more
    • Of flies and dung — Novice Teiran Ketai, Thu Jun 8 9:24am
      • Ward disposalAsha'man Naslyn Tamco, Mon Jun 12 7:08am
        Naslyn peered at the Novice’s ward. It looked correct to him, though he knew as well as any other Asha’man that wards were tricky pieces of business. Each ward looked different from another and even... more
        • Final impressionsNovice Teiran Ketai, Thu Jul 6 9:50pm
          The lesson seemed to be moving towards a close, something which Teiran was deeply thankful for. It was not that he didn't enjoy channeling, quite the opposite. However, after a good two hour lesson,... more
          • *lesson complete* (nm)Anonymous, Mon Jul 24 3:24am
            • Woot!Donna, Fri Jul 28 6:40pm
              Yay! Great work, folks. You'll note the lovely pink 'X' on the LPP. That was the lesson you won for solving the puzzle in the Initiate Monthly, right? Cooool. ;o) ~Donna aka Your Local MoN
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