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To Seize or Not to Seize?
Sat Jun 10, 2006 3:55am (XFF:

Today is definitely not my day, Adem reflected ruefully as he hurried down the garden path towards the Tower's library. He hadn't gotten much sleep, for a start; the nightmares had been especially bad last night. And then there was that ill fated lesson on the Three Oaths. How was Adem supposed to learn, if he wasn't allowed to question things? Besides, I'm right about them. They ARE stupid. It all revolves around self-delusion! Adem had raised the point that anyone who could convince himself of the truth in what was not entirely true could easily slip through loop-holes in ANY of the Three. Speak no word that is not true indeed! But the Aes Sedai didn't appreciate having her lecture interrupted, regardless of how intelligent his questions were. And to sentence me to scrubbing pots all tomorrow, a free-day! Adem felt entirely put upon. Growing up, his grandfather had taught him that asking questions was an ADMIRABLE trait, and here he was getting punished for it. It reminded him unpleasantly of the way his father treated him. Ruthlessly, he quashed that thought. Lately, he tried to avoid any thought that had to do with life in North Crossing, and all that entailed, even if only because thoughts of North Crossing inevitably led to thoughts of Caemlyn.

Caemlyn. Adem had spent a good three years on the streets of that grand city, every day a struggle to survive. He'd been lucky; he wouldn't have survived his first winter if the Others hadn't found him and brought him back to their nest. The Others, he soon found, were the ones who'd slipped through the cracks. Most were orphans, but there were other run-aways like him. Ice, for example. That was not his real name, of course, but real names mattered little to the Others. Adem himself was known simply as 'Fox'. No one knew where Ice had come from, or why he was as cold as his name implied, but he took Adem under his wing, kept him alive, these last two and a half years. I wonder what he's doing now?

His stomach grumbled angrily, reminding him it was nearing lunch time, and that he had skipped breakfast. It pained him, somewhat, that he'd slipped so much in the past few weeks. Not a month ago, he could survive several days on the sparse food that he managed to steal. Which wasn't a lot, most of the time. No, this place was definitely getting to him.

"Adem? Where are you going? The Dining Hall is this way!" Justyn Stark fell in stride beside Adem, his long legs matching Adem's shorter stride easily. Everything about the other lad was a sharp contrast to Adem, from his light blond hair to his height, but he was perhaps the only other novice that Adem felt he could trust. For one, they were country-men; Justyn was born in Caemlyn, and lived most of his life working at his father's inn, not a mile from Adem's nest. Of course, Justyn had been training months longer than Adem had, and was making steady progress with saidin, but he didn't hold it over Adem's head. "You can't still be sore about earlier? That woman's just a bit of a Trolloc, is all.

Adem shook his head, grinning at the comparison. He handed Justyn the note he'd found on his pillow after he'd returned to his quarters from that damned lesson.

Novice Adem Draek is to report to the Library immediately for trainnig.

Justyn grinned at him, eyes lighting up. "It's a siezing lesson. They're going to teach you to channel."

Adem couldn't help but grin back at the other man, thinking what an odd pair the two must make to someone watching. One tall, blond, and light-eyed, and the other short, with dark brown hair, and darker eyes. But even as the thought came, he realized he didn't care. He was going to be Aes Sedai! They came to the library at last, and Justyn left, with a parting slap on the shoulder, and a whispered 'Good luck.' Taking a deep breath, Adem pushed open the door to the Library.

Ack...I blame any incoherent-ness on the time. I should SO be asleep. Anyway, I hope that's okay... I tried to include a little background stuff. Just a touch.

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