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Adding a little spice
Sat Jun 10, 2006 7:15am (XFF:

Taphen was fairly curious at being led to the traveling yard, what does she have in mind? Given her cause, they might be going to see the Tuatha'an. Taphen had never actually met one; he had heard the stories, even read books on the subject, but books only told you so much, real life experience did well to complement that knowledge. If Taphen was going to become a Brown, then he had to support the doctrine that knowledge recorded in books and other forms could well reveal more about a thing than observing it with ones own senses.

Entertaining these thoughts Taphen didn’t notice Master Chevin, before he engaged in conversation with Tira Sedai. They had reached a village; humble looking, but decent and peaceful. It was evidence of his years spent in the Tower that he could have walked though a gateway without really noticing it. He forced his mind to focus on Tira Sedai and the lesson once more, especially since it seemed that he had been wrong about the Tuatha’an. Curiosity and a blossoming excitement caused by anticipation, made Taphen follow the group inside with a poorly concealed grin. There is going to be a trial? Well this should be interesting. He had studied something about law at the Tower already, but since they would not be performing judgment, it wouldn’t matter so much if he didn’t know the laws concerning these two trials.

Master Ludin made a convincing case of being a victim, he claimed not to have known that his sheep had gone astray, but at the same time he argued that grass was not as important as his cows, which made Taphen think that if he thought that little of the grass, then he might have allowed his sheep to venture a bit every once in awhile. Whether he was indeed the victim remained to be seen, and next up was the hired hand, who had known both parties, and hopefully Taphen would feel more secure in his judgment after listening to him.

“You may begin Master Cower.” An elderly man moved up, definitely not wanting to be making a testimony in this matter.

“I don’t want to put shame on any of these two men. They have treated me well, in the years I have worked for them.”

He stopped talking, obviously hoping that he could get way with not saying more than that. The magistrate cleared his throat, “If you would please tell what you know of the matter, Master Cower.”

The old man frowned, looking from one party to another, apologizing for what he was about to say. “Well, this would not be the first time Ludin’s sheep has gone astray. Hungry animal, they are, and healthy too, what with all the grass they get to eat. Wil, a sweet boy, you must understand, but not always that attentive, he has lost sheep before too. I wouldn’t presume that he does it on purpose,” he interjected, “He is a sweet boy as I said, but if he could get his sheep down south – on Master Bowmer’s ground that would be – he would be closer to Elisa Daugma, you know Kall and Suri’s girl.”

As if realizing he had said too much on the matter, Cower quickly shifted his focus to Bowmer. “Now master Bowmer has always been a good man to work for. Strict in many ways though, he will cut your wager if he finds you slacking. Always was one to believe in harsh punishments, ‘Burning you once will teach you not to do so again.’ He would always say.”

He sat there silently for awhile, before turning to face the magistrate. “I don’t know who took what or why, I just know these two men, and what they are like. I cannot tell you what they have done, so may I please be excused?” The magistrate smiled and nodded, “of course Master Cower, you have given your testimony, please give my best to Martha and your boys.”

Well that was a twist, so what are we to judge them on? Master Ludin’s lack of controlling his flock, or Master Bowmer’s swift and perhaps even unlawful punishments. It might be well if he too learned to follow the letter of the law. Taphen was very intrigued by these proceedings, it was interesting to be a part of this, and to be heard before the final judgment by the magistrate. Tira Sedai had indeed made an interesting lesson for them.

OOC: I am so sorry that it took so long to respond, I have some exams to finish up, hope this can be used in nailing the bastard who did wrong *g* Enjoy!

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