My word against his
Sat Jun 10, 2006 7:53pm (XFF:

Allael listened to Tira's admonition before they left, and followed the new Aes Sedai and the rest of the class with a contemplative mien. She'd been so absorbed in her anger at the injustice of her situation, that she had failed to look at the big picture. It bothered her immensely, she wasn't accustomed to letting her temper get away from her. Now that she knew Tira might be on her side, she settled down considerably. It made sense of course. Tira had been friends with Sora for years, the two were almost as close as brother and sister at one time in fact. It was reasonable that Tira would be willing to help someone truly related to Sora by blood. She wasn't even so mad about the punishment now, as it would give her a chance to talk to the woman in private, and see what perhaps could be done to help the situation. As far as seeing Soradrelle, well, she'd been dreading it, but she supposed there was no time like the present.

They arrived at the aforementioned traveling grounds, and though Allael sighed loudly when the entered the village, she resolved that she wouldn't take it as a chance to escape. She reasoned that she wouldn't want to leave her horse behind anyway. She followed the rest of her fellow white clad initiates, and they watched as a man greeted Tira and then led them into a room of sorts where a trial or two was taking place. Allael had seen trials before in villages; had actually participated in a few where her testimony helped to thwart some would-be bad guys. This was nothing new to her, so she took a seat and watched the proceedings with interest.

Master Ludin had certainly been a convincing victim, but Allael wasn't sure if it was feigned or not. The farm hand was useless in her opinion, not giving any kind of testimony that helped the case along. Could he have been threatened by one of the men? She didn't know, but it seemed likely in some way. That, or he really needed both jobs and didn't wish to jeopardize his family's income by swaying the magistrate's opinion in either direction. She perked up when Master Bowmer entered, eager to see what he had to say in his defense.

"Master Bowmer, will you please tell the assembled your side of the story." The magistrate intoned.

"Of course I will sir," Master Bowmer replied. "That there Ludin is a thieving liar. Sure, I sent my sons Dal and Thad to take those cows, but it was rightful payment I swear. A few handfuls of grass says he? It was nearly two full pastures his sheep ate right down to the roots! Grass I intended to graze my own cows on, but now there is nothing there. I've had to pay a farmer up the road from me to be able to graze my cattle on his land, and a hefty price he wants too. So that's why I took the cows, I think it's only fair and my due for not taking action against Master Ludin himself, and for having to pay to graze my own damn cattle. He should count himself lucky."

The room seemed a little stunned at this story, but Allael sat back in her chair, trying to see with her minds eyes who might have the truth of the matter. It seemed to be a case of ones word against the other, and it would be difficult indeed for the magistrate to come to a fair decision. She felt the witnesses in this case were sorely lacking, but she supposed that some sort of justice might be served this day. Whether or not it was the right justice yet remained to be seen.

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    • My word against his — Novice Allael al'Cantar, Sat Jun 10 7:53pm
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