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New Love or Soul Love?
Sun Jun 11, 2006 10:07pm (XFF:

Moira smiled, pleased with the Aes Sedai's acceptance of her essay. She was proud of her progress in the realm of the written word, and now... to be praised by an Aes Sedai, the pinnacle of what she wanted to be! Content, she listened eagerly to the rest of Tira Sedai's words, eyes widening with surprise at the notion of leaving the Tower. The Cairhienin girl hadn't left the Tower since... well, since she'd arrived! And now she got to leave again? For a moment she was uneasy at the idea of leaving - would she accidentally get left behind? Would she commit some unwitting crime and be cast from the Tower? - but her natural optimism soon overcame those doubts and Moira smiled once more, excitement rising. A few miles from the city of Tar Valon itself? But wouldn't that take a while to reach? Unless...

Oh, Light, are we going to walk through one of those holes in the air? Nobody had told Moira the proper name for it yet - it didn't seem important, apparently - but the notion still fascinated her.

She arose eagerly from her seat, following the pack of novices out of the classroom. This was so exciting! A trip from the Tower, a chance to see justice working! Moira had a vague idea of justice due to those of her friends who'd worked on the wrong side of the law before getting caught, but she'd never really seen it working. Today would be the day that she finally managed to understand what those officious people were thinking when her friends were hauled from the streets of the Foregate into some cell in the City or off to some farm for community service.

And through the hole in the air they went! Moira found herself in the middle of some tiny village. She almost pitied the poor people who lived here; whatever happened in the middle of nowhere? This visit by an Aes Sedai and her students must be the most exciting thing ever. Of course, the Cairhienin girl had never lacked for excitement in the Foregate, and therefore she'd never experienced the quiet country life that these people must suffer from. As Tira Sedai spoke to some man, Moira allowed herself to stare rather openly at the little village. When she'd been traveling from Cairhien with Canley, they'd been in little villages maybe over the course of one night, but she'd never seen them outside of the inns which were usually full of life even in the tiniest hamlets in the country.

Still staring around as the novices were lead into some large building, Moira took her seat next to a male novice, intrigued by this novelty studying him for a moment before returning her attention to Tira Sedai.

"I know this is more akin to a lesson you might receive as an Accepted, but I think you are all capable of coming to some kind of sound decision." We're being ranked with Accepted! Oh, Light, that's amazing! What a nice Aes Sedai. "When I heard of these trials taking place, I thought it might be a good opportunity to show you first hand just what a Blue sister might be called upon to help in a situation of justice, since it can sometimes seem rather vague by way of explanation. Remember to pay close attention, and if you need help with anything afterward, please don't hesitate to ask."

New love - a boy and girl they talking
New words - that only they can share in
New words - a love so strong it tears their hearts
To sleep - through the fleeting hours of morning
Love is careless in its choosing - sweeping over cross a baby
Love descends on those defenseless
Idiot love will spark the fusion
Inspirations have I none - just to touch the flaming dove
All I have is my love of love - and love is not loving

Admittedly, the first trial wasn't that interested. Moira really had no desire to listen to two old men argue about some cows and sheep and grass, and she was thankful that Tira Sedai had assigned her to this trial. Dishonor and scandal such as this were common talk in the Foregate, and, young as she was, Moira considered herself quite knowledgeable in what went on behind closed doors, no matter what the situation. When adults gossiped constantly over your head as if you weren't there, you tended to pick up more than they'd really intended for you to hear. She idly wondering what might've actually gone on, and how they were supposed to figure out what had really happened if everyone involved was going to lie to try to sound innocent.

She listened intently, however, as the witnesses for her - she considered it hers, anyways, since it was her duty to listen on it - trial began to come up to the stand and speak. Avarin Myee, a young man who spoke intently yet had the misfortune of having one of the oddest names that Moira had ever heard, claimed that he and Mileya, whose name was also rather strange, were absolutely in love.

Huh. I never really thought people would get so crazy over just liking each other.

Mileya's father, Master Delmar, was equally intense when he spoke, claiming that his daughter's lewd act embarrassed him as well. Moira didn't see why he didn't just disown his daughter her and let her marry this Avarin Myee if the situation was so bad, but she was unfamiliar with Andoran laws and customs. Oh, well. But what was most curious were the two friends of those accused. Avarin's friend, a sour-faced young man, claimed that his friend would never dishonor a young woman, that he loved Mileya, but Mileya's friend seemed to believe that the young woman would never do anything without consulting her. For some reason, Torri Serralan reminded Moira of Shemri, her roommate, of how the Andoran girl always seemed to need to know everything.

But then came Mileya Delmar.

The young woman crept up to the stand almost cautiously, her face red and blotchy from what seemed to Moira hours upon hours of crying. As she took her seat, Mileya hiccupped slightly, then reached up to wipe at her eyes. She glanced at a woman who bore an obviously familial resemblance to her; Mistress Delmar nodded at her daughter, offering an encouraging smile. Mileya swallowed hard and attempt to smile in return, although hers wavered and seemed on the border of breaking down into tears. At first when she spoke she was inaudible, and the magistrate kindly told her to speak up. She nodded, wiped at her eyes again, and began.

"Avar and I," she said hesitantly, glancing at the young man that her father claimed had dishonored her, "we love each other." She sniffed slightly and touched her eyes again before folding her hands in her lap, her thumbs twiddling nervously. "We..." A flush climbed her cheeks, and she paused for a moment, looking down and away from the assembled townspeople. "We made love," she continued finally, "and he promised me that one day he would take me away from here and make me his wife, and that I could finally leave this place!" Mileya seemed surprised by her bold statement, but she continued anyways, her reddened eyes drifting to her friend Torri. "And I didn't tell Torri because everybody would know if I did, and I knew my father..." She seemed unable to look at her father, and instead studied her hands as she spoke next. "My father wants me to marry Master Halred's son because he'd going to inherit the biggest farm, but I want to marry Avar." For a moment, Mileya appeared to be considered what she'd just said, but then a true smile appeared on her face, and she looked at the young man she'd taken as her lover. "Yes, I want to marry Avarin Myee. I was perfectly willing."

ooc// The lyrics are from David Bowie's Soul Love. I thought it was fitting.

Sorry I'm so late!

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