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Asha'man Naslyn Tamco
Ward disposal
Mon Jun 12, 2006 7:08am (XFF:

Naslyn peered at the Novice’s ward. It looked correct to him, though he knew as well as any other Asha’man that wards were tricky pieces of business. Each ward looked different from another and even a master might only guess at the specific application of any given ward not of his own weave. The degree of variance of ward-weaves was unmatched since each individual wove in a unique way to achieve the desired effect. Well, his weave seems to be right.

A pair of bright eyes were staring at him as he turned around. The boy was eager, no doubt. "When it comes to intent, is it possible to key it to specific individuals or groups of persons? I mean, since it is possible to key it to subgroups of animals, like with the bluebottles and greenbottles, shouldn't it also be possible with humans?"

Smiling at the question, the Asha’man strode out of the stables, the Novice in tow as he answered the query. “The answer, my boy, is both yes and no. The more specific the warding you intend to weave, the better you must know your intended target. Though the process is the same and intent still the key, extreme familiarity with the target is required. For example, I could weave a ward keyed to my bondmates Jorelle and Someilia almost without thought but ask me to key one to you specifically, and it would likely fail. Strong feelings or memories are a help too, for this sort of weave.”

Pausing to take a breath, Naslyn headed back to the river. He continued the mini lecture as he walked. In truth, the Asha’man was pleased with the Novice. A perceptive student. Perhaps something ought to be said to the Mistress of Novices. He continued the explanation, “However, to weave such a specific ward also requires a good deal more control and strength in the Power than for a ward of equivalent function but without specific distinction. Hence, the reason why it might be all but impossible to weave a ward that, say, calls lightning down on a particular person when he passes over.”

Naslyn ended the answer as they returned to the banks of the lake. “Well boy, I’m actually mostly done with you but since I have some time left, I’ll teach you one more thing that isn’t usually thought to Novices. Create your sensing ward over the water again.”

Teiran nodded obediently, kneeling on the banks and weaving his ward. Naslyn watched as the ward formed, felt the boy manipulating the Power. It was a seductive call, a sweet, intoxicating feeling. He shuddered a little. Sometimes, he wondered what would have become of him had the Dragon cleansed saidin just one day later.

Bringing himself back to the present with a shake of his head, Naslyn inspected the ward. It was well done, good enough for the demonstration. Drawing the boys attention, the Asha’man began again, “Most wards that are woven are based on a simple, almost uniform origins. There is always a base elemental frame. Whether mainly of Spirit or otherwise, it matters not. Once you are aware of a ward, there are two ways to remove it. The first is to unravel it. That is, to take it apart strand by strand. This is dangerous, even for fully trained Aes Sedai since a mistake could cause many unwanted effects. Additionally, some ward weaves trigger if unravelled wrongly, quite the opposite of what might have been intended. Never attempt this unless you have a talent that deals with unravelling weaves.”

“The second method is simpler and far easier. Destroy the ward. Wards are strange weaves and another of their abnormal properties is that once out of shape, most of them do not trigger at all. Of course, if the ward can be totally destroyed, so much the better. Observe.” Naslyn took a breath and wove, the threads of the Power coming easily. A brief though caused for thin lines of Spirit to spring into existence at the edge of Teiran’s ward. Naslyn tugged mentally on the threads, pulling the Novice’s square into a diamond like shape. Once done, he stuck his hand through. Naslyn knew the boy would feel nothing trigger.

A look at Teiran’s face was enough to confirm that. Deciding to go the whole hog, Naslyn pulled further, snapping the ward completely so that the threads of saidin flapped uselessly for awhile before dissipating. “There you are, the last, simple part of the lesson. One last wrning though, always remain alert when you try to remove a ward. Sometimes there may be nasty surprises. Now, I’ll weave the wards and you can practice and get a feel for how much manipulation is required to spoil its function. Once you’ve got a hang for it, you’re done for the day. I think any Novice would like some free time yes?” Naslyn wove the first ward.

OOC: There, last part. Simple portion I think, not much to say about the lesson itself. 400 words and you’re done. Its been a pleasure.

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