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Tackling the First Barrier
Tue Jun 13, 2006 7:58pm (XFF:

It took all of Adrian’s concentration to keep his face straight. The blasted Mistress of Novices had interrupted one of his scare periods of time in the training yards to teach one lousy novice how to seize. It was just like them. It seemed like such an simple task for Madeline Sedai to arrange this particular novice to join another seizing class.

Adrian consulted his list of possible students and decided that the young man in front of him was Adem Draek. Next to his name, someone had scribbled in a little note, explaining that Adem’s time and experience at the White Tower were limited in nature. Adrain’s temper flared a bit more in the general direction of Aes Sedai. If this novice was so fresh, surely another day or two of waiting wouldn’t do him any harm.

The library suddenly seemed stifling, and Adrain grew aware of the awkward silence in the room. Time to turn on nice, friendly Accepted attitudeAdrian thought sarcastically. “Good afternoon, Adem. I am called Accepted Adrain and it has become my esteemed pleasure to begin you on your journey of using the One Power.”

The walls seemed to constrict again, and abruptly, Adrain found himself fighting claustrophobia. How he longed to be out in the yards, clutching a sword! Suddenly, an idea occurred to him.

“Seeing as you are the only pupil present, and have recently arrived at Tar Valon, how would you like to take a walk around the local area as we begin to study the art of seizing?” Adrain asked, raising his eyebrows at the young man before him. “I know of a couple places on the grounds that are perfect for a lesson on the One Power and the use of saidin. I think I would find it much more applicable for touching the Power if we were away from the constricting walls of this dusty library.”

At his words, Adrain hastily glanced about him to assure himself that he hadn’t insulted an innocent, book-loving Brown Sister. The area was still deserted. Relieved, Adrain began to sort through a list of places on the grounds where he might find an area more appropriate for the pair of them.

When he secured his pupil’s assent, Adrain joyfully sprang from his chair and led the way out into the hallway. He felt as each step was leading him closer to freedom. More enthusiastic now, Adrain turned to make conversation with Adem.

“Since you are so knew to the White Tower, I’d think it would be helpful from you to have a bit of an incitation from someone who has been her for a few years. I realize that sometimes, in their own insecurities, other novices are not as cordial as one might wish.

“This is my seventh year at the White Tower, but only my fifth year as an initiate to the ranks of the Aes Sedai. I hail from Tear, and came to become a Gaidin. I suppose you could say that my life has not gone in the direction I foresaw when I left my homeland. Fortunately, seizing comes quite naturally to me, and I hope that through this afternoon together, you too will discover it to be easy as well. Oftentimes teachers attempt to feed their student too much information at one time, making seizing a confusing and disorienting experience. I will try my best to keep it simple for you.”

At this point, the pair reached the entrance to the White Tower. Once outside, Adrain pointed out the particular grove of trees he had in mind. “Over there we will find peace,” he told Adem. “As we head there, it would be a great help if you told me what you know already of the One Power and seizing so I can clarify or add to as necessary.”

OOC: Part Two! This is more of a mentoring session than it is seizing, but go ahead and answer the question as you feel Adem would and take us to the initial location for the lesson. Don’t be afraid to be creative and take some chances!

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