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To be perfectly blunt, Terrian had never truly enjoyed discussing her past. Few people actually understood it, and there were fewer she cared to talk about it with. In fact, the number of people she trusted enough to know that they would not judge her for her past or ever use it against her because they understood was few enough to be counted on one hand. Well, truthfully that number was only three. Her near-sister Menaihya was likely the first person to have asked and the first person Terrian was ever willing to talk about it with. Jostayn Roen was the second person and Calia Selle the third. Oddly enough, the last was a woman Terrian had only recently grown close to. Or perhaps not exactly recently anymore, but it was the last time she had seen her that they had truly gotten to know each other. The girl had been raised since then, a matter which had nearly made Terrian burst with pride. Not that that was important at the moment. What was important was the fact that she felt comfortable discussing her past and all things related to her past with them. That included, but wasn't limited to, Amadicia in general.

Yes, by the most unfortunate nature of her birth, she was Amadician. Yet it had been many years since she had truly though of herself so. If asked, the White Tower was her home and she was from the Tower. She laid no claim to an Amadician heritage aside from the surname of an Amadician family and accent in her voice if she could help it. Technically, she had no right to the former but she claimed it as her own regardless. It was a painful memory from her past that she should relinquish it and she did not care to dwell upon it. So, if she didn't care to dwell upon the painful memories of times long gone or anything that had to do with them, how was it that she had managed to get roped into teaching a lesson to the novices about Amadician culture? She had to suppose it was because of that past she wanted nothing more than to forget. True, she could have turned down the lesson, but she didn't have the heart to do so when Madeline had asked. That woman knew each of the women she had seen raised to the shawl and she certainly knew that Terrian wouldn't turn down teaching. Lessons gave her life a sense of normalcy when her life was anything but normal. She needed that grounding.

So it was that Terrian had yesterday found herself tacking a brief notice penned in a flowing script on the lesson board:

Attention Novices!

There will be a lesson concerning Amadician culture meeting in classroom twenty-three, just off the novice decks, the third of Amadaine. Please arrive promptly at the first bell after breakfast and bring nothing with you but an open mind.

In the Light,
Terrian Dy'ner Sedai
Green Ajah

It was brief, to the point, perhaps bordering on arrogantly rude. In short, the tone of note was that of a stereotypical Amadician, which had been the intent. Seeing as she was one of the few Amadicians in the Tower, her heritage was a fairly well known fact. Not too mention she hadn't exactly done an excellent job of diverting attention away from the fact, despite her attempts. Let those who had heard of her origins, or could guess because of the lesson she was teaching, come in with preconceived notions of what an Amadician did and said. She was willing to deal with that. After all, she had been dealing with it her whole life in Tar Valon. As she had told Calia; it never got easier to know there was always someone who disliked you and didn't even know you, but one learned to bear it with grace.

So, somehow, despite the fact that she had no desire to be talking about the cultural nuances of Amadicia with a bunch of novices who likely knew nothing more of Amadicia than the tales they had heard of the Children of the Light, she was setting up a classroom to do just that. Using mostly the Power and a little of her own strength, she was shifting desks around to form a circle for a later part of the lesson. There was no front to this classroom, just a circle with an open middle. It was an appealing classroom set-up if Terrian did say so herself, although she suspect some of the more orthodox teachers would think she was crazy for even thinking of it for a lesson. Not that she could help it; she was trying to make things at least a little interesting for the novices.

As she stood in the center of the circle, Terrian was fully satisfied with the arrangement and had only but a moment to shake the dust – the room had been rather dusty before she had started moving things – off her deep green, Amadician cut dress and check that her gold hair was still curled. It was a special occasion, one which she had actually bothered to curl her hair as the fashionable ladies of Amadicia did. It was just as she finished fixing her appearance that the first novices began to arrive. As each approached and curtsied or bowed Terrian smiled warmly and told them to pick a seat anywhere in the circle. Once the bell finally rang, she opened the lesson.

"Good morning novices," She smiled as she looked around at the group, "I am Terrian Dy'ner Sedai of the Green Ajah, and this is a lesson about the culture of Amadicia. If each of you would be so good as to give me your name, the city and country in which you were raised, and anything you know or think you know about Amadicia, we'll get this lesson started." Her hazel eyes scanned the room before landing on one novice. "You will begin."

OOC: Alright, here comes the third ever culture lesson: Amadicia! Okay, so each of you do as Terrian asked for introduction after you've read the post carefully. I'm asking for a mere 400 words to start off with because I think you're an exceptionally amazing bunch of novices and less would be too easy. :) Hopefully, we'll be doing some fun stuff later on. Oh, and if you have any questions (which at this point I doubt, but I've been known to forget to mention important things) feel free to email me.

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