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I second that! They have rights!
Sat Jun 17, 2006 3:40am (XFF:

When the trials reached their end they were each asked by the Aes Sedai what their opinions were on the scenes they had witnessed. It was basically a mental organization of the testimonies each person had heard, and in piecing the evidences together each student was to make a verdict for herself or himself. Lilli had heard Master Bowmer’s and a bystander’s testimonies after Master Ludin had given his own, and she wasn’t sure whether they had exactly swayed her former opinion. Which was, of course, that Master Ludin was the more innocent victim in the matter, and what had been perpetrated upon him wasn’t entirely fair. Though the bystander—she couldn’t exactly recall his name—had laid out interesting points as well, along with mentioning the curious thing between Master Ludin’s son, Wil, and his neighbor’s daughter.

It soon became her turn to speak, and she tentatively turned her head towards the inquiring gaze of her instructor. “In the first trial’s case, Tira Sedai,” she began in a faltering voice, all too aware of the eyes upon her, “I think….both men have wronged each other. Although I believe Master Ludin suffered a worse fate out of the two. There was mention of…a drinking problem—” She blushed at that, wondering whether she was speaking above her station, or at least addressing something that shouldn’t be spoken about, “—and it’s probable and most likely did happen that way, that Master Ludin fell into a…a nap on his post, and let his sheep wander away. Although this wasn’t particularly harmful, it….it’s still Master Bowmer’s land.”

She took a deep breath as if to replenish her fast draining energy, and continued, “Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with…sheep grazing on a strip of grass that will soon grow back into its former state, but justice is still justice. Whoever trespassed on another man’s land needs to pay the consequences, or at least beg their pardon. In this case, though….Master Bowmer was rash in his actions and hasty in his decisions. If he had spoken to the magistrate of the crime, the magistrate would have doled out adequate punishment according to the village law. But Master Bowmer didn’t. He acted on this himself, on his own name, and took two of Master Ludin’s cows. This means that Master Bowmer is now charged with a crime himself. Stealing.”

Lilli was suddenly aware of what she was doing: judging a man and accusing him of a sin. There was the fact that it was probably legitimate sin, but still, she felt uncomfortable and as if it was not her place. It was a few moments of nervous blinking upon her part before she could go on with her….speech. Or whatever it was. Lilli Bloom, making a public speech!

“I think that because of this, Master Bowmer should….he should be placed with a charge as well. But since Master Ludin was the one whom the crime had been done towards, and Master Ludin had perpetrated a crime towards him as well, the charges should…cancel somewhat.” Light, she was twisting words and not making sense. It was all in her head, but verbally, she was dumb as a day-old infant! “Master Bowmer should be made to return the two milk cows that had been prized among Master Ludin’s stock. Instead, Master Ludin should be made to hand over a less valuable cow, perhaps a smaller or a skinnier one, for Master Bowmer’s keeping. That would be the price paid for trespassing on Master Bowmer’s land.”

She thought for a moment. “Or perhaps instead of a cow, Master Ludin should be made to work that portion of land his sheep accidentally grazed on, for a tenure of two weeks or so. Until the lawn appears normal again. That way he will pay back the damage done to Master Bowmer’s land by work, and in the end all will have returned to its former state, with no loss to either side.” She came to an abrupt halt, having run out of breath, and her cheeks holding a measure of heat, she returned to her place among the others.

OOC: Merci for the lesson!

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    • I second that! They have rights! — Novice Lilli Bloom, Sat Jun 17 3:40am
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