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The Special Needs Class
Sat Jun 17, 2006 4:46pm (XFF:

The cool surface of the desk felt good. Her head was cradled in her arms over her finished test. The sun shone through the windows of the classroom warming the other side of her face. A distinct sound of scribbling pencils on paper was echoed around the room. Neveah took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Such a peaceful day. Her teacher was a newly raised Aes Sedai who had no prejudices of yet, something very important to a ‘troublemaker’ Novice. The Brown was one of those young hopeful teachers. One who didn’t want to be the ‘bad guy.’ Though no doubt it would change after year after year of obnoxious Novices.

“Time is up. Pass your stories up to the front. Don’t forget to put your names on them.” A few Novices groaned, they were the ones with the scribbling pencils.

Navi’s braids clicked as she raised her head up. She opened her eyes and blinked a few times. The Novice in front of her turned back. “Your test?” Without breaking eye contact she picked up her test and passed it with a flat look. The girl shrugged and took it. Erlina was her name. A full blooded Domani who seemed to scoff at the fact that Navi was only half. Or maybe it was because by all appearances she didn’t flaunt the fact that she was from Arad Doman, but in fact seemed to use all other cultures other than her own. She sported Taraboner braids and Alteran hoop earrings and had Saldean/Domani blood. No doubt she’d be wearing something else if she wasn’t limited to a Novice’s dress. She was a mutt by her own making.

The teacher collected all of the papers. “Thank you. You should get the results tomorrow. You are dismissed.”

She left the pencil on the desk and skipped on over to breakfast. It was a ‘special’ early morning class. Supposedly each Novice had been chosen for their exceptional creative ability, though Navi suspected it was simply to make them tired so they wouldn’t stay up late scheming rascally things to do.

Next was an Amadician culture lesson. Whatever that meant. But so far it hadn’t been a bad day. Breakfast was delicious, she was confident about the test, and hopefully this class wouldn’t be boring. She was the first one there, Navi had always been a fast eater. The room was setup differently than the one she had attended earlier. The desks were in a circle and the Aes Sedai was standing in the middle. Her black braids clicked as she dipped into a curtsey. The Green smiled in return and told her to sit anywhere. She picked one with the most markings on it. She liked a space with character.

After all of the Novices arrived the Green introduced herself and asked them all to give their names, city and country where they were raised, and anything known about Amadicia. Neveah was picked first. She was used to her answers now, in fact she was almost beginning to believe them. “My names is Rukiya Ashima. I was raised in Elmora, Tarabon. I’m afraid I don’t know much about Amadicia itself, most of my knowledge is about the Whitecloaks.”

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