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Into the Woods
Sun Jun 18, 2006 8:45pm (XFF:

The Library was practically deserted when Adem entered, except for a few Aes Sedai poring over forgotten tomes, and several Accepted catching up on their studies. And one man, watching the door expectantly. Figuring him for the teacher of today's lesson, Adem sauntered over, and gave an awkward bow. The other man was silent for a moment, obviously waiting for more students to arrive. But soon, it became clear that Adem would be the only one.

The Accepted consulted a sheet of paper, before speaking up. "Good afternoon, Adem. I am called Accepted Adrain and it has become my esteemed pleasure to begin you on your journey of using the One Power." Something in his tone made Adem watch him warily. He didn't bother to ask how Accepted Adrian had known who he was; undoubtably he knew or knew of everyone else on his list. Which made the only odd one out... him.

After a moment, Accepted Adrian spoke up again. "Seeing as you are the only pupil present, and have recently arrived at Tar Valon, how would you like to take a walk around the local area as we begin to study the art of seizing?" He didn't wait for an answer, just pressed on. "I know of a couple places on the grounds that are perfect for a lesson on the One Power and the use of saidin. I think I would find it much more applicable for touching the Power if we were away from the constricting walls of this dusty library."

Adem nodded silently. There wasn't really anything to say. Here, or outdoors, it made no difference to Adem either way. Suddenly he was not so sure he wanted this lesson after all. They both stood, and made their way towards the library door, Adem a few paces behind the other man. He found himself engrossed by the bands on the Accepted's collars. Surely they meant something, but what that was, he'd yet to learn. They were everywhere, after all. The only impression he'd managed to glean was that they stood for some kind of gangs... Like the Others, more or less, each color representing a different clique. But he'd yet to figure out what each color represented individually.

Abruptly he realized Accepted Adrian had asked him something. It took him a moment to realize what the question had been, and then another to formulate his careful reply. "Nothing, really. Where I grew up, stories of that sort were... frowned on." It was true, more or less. His father in North Crossing had no time for frivolities like stories, and his grandfather held that such stories were nonsense anyway. Better to spend your time learning things that could be proven. Like anatomy. Adem still shuddered thinking of that poor mouse. "From what I've heard, it's..." He faltered, hunting in vain for the right words to use. "It makes things happen," he finished lamely.

It was only then that he realized they'd stopped. They'd come to a shaded wood, overlooking a section of the city. Without even waiting for permission, Adem sank into the grass underneath an ancient oak and closed his eyes, letting the sounds of the city wash over him. It was different than Caemlyn, those sounds, but comforting in their own right. The song of humanity. A nice change to the silence that permiated his quarters. "They say I can touch it," he continued, after a moment, "and if I don't learn..." He trailed off. He was certain Accepted Adrian knew exactly what happened to those who didn't learn to control their talent.

OOC: *shrugs* I was lacking for inspiration with this one, so if it's lame... that's why. But it's done now... So... On with the show

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