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Oh my!
Tue Jun 20, 2006 10:54pm (XFF:

Her eyes felt particularly grainy this day. She stumbled out of bed, and when her pale feet slapped the cold floor she felt a strange nausea shudder through her body. Shaking her head of the static auburn hair that draped past her sleep-crusted sights, she approached her washstand and quickly washed herself. Frigid cold! Shuddering, she tottered over to where her toweling was hung, and patted herself dry as quickly as she could. After doing so she pulled on a novice dress—literally pulled—and wound the pouch around her expansive midriff. Pulling her layers of hair back into a poufy tail, she tied it, slipped into slippers, and exited her cubicle of a room to enter the hallway conjoining it. From there she joined the morning throng of white-clad novices who bustled their way towards the dining room for breakfast.

Lilli shuddered as she entered the dining room and gathered her foodstuffs; why was it so cold? She was tempted to head back to her room to grab the pristine cloaks that were also issued to every novices—for lessons held outdoors, and the like—, but she knew that if she did so, she wouldn’t have enough time. She would wind up being late to her appointment, that being a lesson held in one classroom twenty-three. She had read the lesson note the day prior, and had tucked the information in her head; it sounded inanely interesting, the prospects of learning about Amadicia. Amadicia, the land of the Whitecloaks!

During her lifetime she had encountered a handful of Whitecloaks, since they frequently roamed her homeland, Andor. Squadrons of them, with their cloaks billowing behind them, had passed through Whitebridge times in the past, and it had been an impressive, if formidable, sight. Faces like granite, and boots polished to a spotless luster! She shuddered once again, and this time not of the cold. They seconded in her opinion of fear-inducing militia only to those folks over in the Black Tower yonder; now them, Lilli could not even stomach thinking about. She shoveled gray porridge into her mouth, and shook her head vigorously as if to rid her head of the thoughts that way.

Strange, how she seemed to have little, if at all, appetite this day. Since when did Lilli Bloom not have an appetite! Nevertheless, she ate the food on her plate out of habit, if not exactly with as much zest as the norm. She wondered again whether she could dash back to her room to collect her cloak, discarded it, and walked her plate over to the kitchen to wash it. The hot dishwater was soothing when she immersed her hands into it, and she sighed as the dirty steam curled up past her face. Another shudder wracked her body, making her fleshy muscles twitch.

“Child, are you feeling alright?” a voice accosted her, and she recognized it to be the boisterous Laras’. Before she could turn the large woman’s hand was upon her forehead. “You look quite flushed. Why in the name of the Creator didn’t you carry a cloak?

“I…I’ll get one, Mistress Laras,” Lilli replied quickly, trembling under the woman’s sharp stare. Yet even so, she admired the White Tower cook. She was a woman who she had warmed up to immediately upon first acquainting herself to her, a couple of weeks ago. Lilli had come to Tar Valon for the first time, a couple of weeks ago.

“You do that,” Laras said, snatching her hand away, “And go see a Yellow while you’re at it. Go! Shoo! I don’t want any sick people in my kitchen.” She herded Lilli towards the door, all the while muttering, “Young’uns nowadays, having no care at all as to the state of their own body…”

Lilli had said she would go fetch a cloak, but when the nearest bell rang, it dawned on her that she had been lying to Laras and had known it. How on earth was she supposed to find time to obtain a cloak and report attendance to a lesson at the same time? She felt horrid at the knowledge of her lie, but at this point there was nothing to be done. Hanging her head, she hurried to the designated classroom. Upon her entrance, she perceived an extraordinary classroom setup, one that entailed of the desks lying in a circular formation around the teacher. The teacher herself was a sister with curled golden hair, and a serene mien Lilli knew she could never hope to mimic. A beautiful woman, she. She curtsied, most awkwardly under her weight, and sat herself with the others.

“My name is Lilli Bloom, Aes Sedai,” she said blushingly when it was her turn to introduce herself, “I grew up in Whitebridge, in Andor, and I honestly don’t know much about Amadicia except….” She was terrified the sister would be offended. “….except what the rumors state. The Whitecloaks—,” she began and then cowered inwardly, “Well, Amadicia is their main headquarters.”

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