Real Love Waits-- 2nd Trial
Wed Jun 21, 2006 6:24pm (XFF:

Sarina sat patiently through the very end of the trial, if it could be called that. This seemed to be a familial matter something which should be dealt with at home. Though her own views on this might be somewhat prejudice due to the fact that she had grown up without a home of her own. No, she really could not afford to be emotional in her thinking about this case.

Sarina had attended a lecture not long ago on logical fallacies. It was of course given by a member of the White Ajah and it had been most enlightening. Yes, this is the way she would view the case.

The group including herself, Kirito Lisenth, Teiran Ketai, Moira Ivon retired at Tira Sedai’s insistence to discuss. To be truthful, Sarina was dreading this part most of all. Not because she believed that she would be unconvincing. Quite the opposite in fact. No, she simply had not spoken in great length for so long that it she simply felt awkward about it. Especially since they simply sat there looking at each other for the better part of twenty minutes. It seemed no one wanted to begin, so she must.

Timidly she looked at everyone and began, “I believe that everyone involved with this case are pig headed light blinded idiots.” Although began timidly the end of her statement came out quite strong.

“Sorry,” she said looking at the others sitting in their high backed chairs of crude design. “It is just that no one was saying anything and…” she trailed off as they all stared at her. She considered stopping right there and letting everyone else discuss the case but instead she completed one of the many Novice exercise to induce calmness; she was the river contained by the bank, her emotions over this would not drive her.

“No, I am not sorry,” she said after a moment, “they are idiots”. She looked all of them in their eyes before going on stopping at Kirito’s he was a good looking man if one let themselves look. The look was less than a second before she went on, “Both of the friends testimonies are worth less than nothing. All three sides; the father, the daughter, and Avar have all admitted to the act, so the friends say it did not happen means nothing.

The daughter slept with Avar before marriage, everyone who is truly involved admits to it. The laws here say that it is wrong and immoral. Avar and Mileya are both idiots because they broke the law, but believe they should not be punished because of love.”

Sarina put all the scorn she could into the final word and looked at everyone again staring at her. Light could they not see it!?!?! “They are basing their whole relationship on a false premise. They are simply selfish. Mileya said that her father wished for her to marry Master Halred’s son because that son was set to inherit on of the largest farms in the county. This is a logical course for Master Delmar to take wanting to set his daughter up so that she would never want. Yet at the same time it seems that Master Delmar is a reasonable man. He said in his testimony that he would accept Avar if he took not only his punishment for going against custom, but also his daughters.”
Again they still stared at her. Maybe she was not speaking clearly. Perhaps everything she was saying was being distorted from the fact she had not really spoken to anyone for months. Perhaps they did understand but were simply being quiet because they agreed. Or maybe they were all as dumb as rocks. Sarina did not know so she went on.

“Master Delmar made it clear that he did not care who his daughter married, the bit with Master Halred’s son was to set her up financially. The solution is simple; all that must be done is for Avar to admit his guilt in this…which should be easy considering he really is guilty, and for him to take his punishment and the daughter’s. Then as Master Delmar said he would accept him for a son-in-law. Avar and Mileya have each other and Master Delmar’s request will be honored; not to mention that Avar is wealthy enough to travel so Master Delmar’s initial wish for his daughter to be well cared for is also covered.”

Sarina sighed audibly this time when no one said anything. “This is my last point, the punishment is simply ten lashes in the public square. Avar says he is sorry, takes the lashes and then they can get married”

If they could not see it then Sarina truly pitied them, but she did not know everything. She still wondered what type of dishonor they were talking about. She had learned the punishment for them would be ten lashes if found guilty of the dishonor, but she did not understand what the dishonor meant. So what if they had slept together; she had slept next to her grandfather many times during the winter when it was cold enough that she heard the sap in the trees freezing and cracking.

Sitting back, she thought she might ask Tira Sedai after the trial was over.

(OOC: right right. I have been waiting forever for someone else to post because Sarina is not a natural speaker. Come on, she hasn’t spoken to anyone in months and you want her to start of this conversation. It was weird. Anyway, I apologize for lateness car trouble. Whatever, Sarina’s thoughts in this are my own, although I do know what the dishonor is *wink wink*. REAL LOVE WAITS

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