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In the Creator's Eyes
Mon Jun 26, 2006 11:17am (XFF:

His mind had already drifted to his books – a favorite past time that he intended to visit later in the day – when the Aes Sedai’s voice brought his attention back around. Ah yes, this farce of a trial. he thought, and frowned moodily. Oh, he understood the reasons behind all of it --- an exercise of the mind, most definitely. But the Aes Sedai’s question – while giving him somewhat to think on – was fairly irrelevant. Or, at least, what the novices thought should be done would be irrelevant, in the end.

Still, he had been instructed to offer his opinion, useless as it might turn out to be. With a small mental sigh, Kirito lent his voice to the proceedings; the careful tone he had always employed during his lessons. It was a rarity that any of his teachers (Aes Sedai and Accepted alike) found any interest in his voice. That, he reserved for those close to him.

“The Creator never held any love for liars, Aes Sedai.” He drawled, looking first at Avar and then at Mileya. Both seemed fairly well shocked by Sarina’s words. “Miss Delmar should, for her deceit, be made to wed a man of her father’s choosing.” He glanced at Avar, lifting a brow. “And for his sheer idiocy? Ten lashes seems a fair enough price, though perhaps young master Myee should work off his debt to Master Delmar as well.” He shrugged, feeling no pity whatsoever for the young couple before him.

“As Novice Sarina said, they have disobeyed the writ laws, and should be justly punished for such. Miss Delmar herself would perhaps do well with a public punishment of some sort – being humbled may serve her well.”

The Aes Sedai was looking at him steadily, her face completely impassive. He noted that Sarina had much the same look, though the vestiges of irritation were still evident. He hadn’t a clue what his own face looked like – but then, he wasn’t staring in a mirror.

“These two must learn to think before they act, and to respect the laws that have been set to protect everyone.” He concluded.

Eh, it's not as good as I usually do, but I hope it'll work. :)

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