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Well, they obviously like each other.
Thu Jun 29, 2006 12:35am (XFF:

Moira was just annoyed by all of this banter between the novices. Laws? Public humiliation and lashings and slaving for Master Delmar? Psh. They'd made love, and so what? It was a natural thing, if fun and interesting to gossip about; the Cairhienin girl considered herself well-educated on this particular subject, having eavesdropped on countless conversations about men and women doing unmentionable things together behind closed doors. To Moira, it was simply a fact of life and she'd never - along with most of the women in the Foregate of marriageable age - seen reason to apply laws to it.

Let nobles do what they wanted and restrict themselves to no end; it didn't really matter.

As the other novices nattered about what they thought about the trial, Moira's brows rose higher and higher. What were these stupid novices thinking? They must be crazy; people outside of the Foregate could obviously not be trusted with executive decisions. The rest of them had finished giving their opinions and she, irritated by their inability to understand the situation, scoffed before tilting back slightly in her chair.

"I dunno what you've got your knickers in a knot about," she said, shrugging slightly. "You all seem to be far too concerned about this. So what if they've made love? It's not like Mileya is worth anything less." It was true in her mind, at least, and she couldn't really understand these odd country laws. So making love before marriage was against the law, here? How silly and outdated. In the Forgate, people could do whatever they pleased. Apparently, life had reached a much more civilized point in the Foregate; they weren't bothered wasting their time worrying about who was doing what with who and where.

As if it really mattered.

Moira tilted her head to the side, glanced shyly at the magistrate and his aid, and continued, speaking more to her fellow novices than to the judge in this case. "I think they should be allowed to be married and do what they please. Avarin's got to be rich, right, if he's able to travel so far and dress up like that? Well, then Master Delmar should be more than happy about Mileya's choice." She shrugged, slightly uncomfortable with deviating so sharply from her peers. "They don't need to bother with dowries. I guess it could be Master Delmar letting Mileya actually marry her lover, eh?"

It was a very simple point of view, something that could easily be expected from somebody like Moira: somebody who'd grown up without learning that people lived like this with laws dictating the extent of relationships between people. In the Foregate, people had been up for the taking whenever both partners were willing, and there had never been any problems with that (except when somebody wasn't willing but was easy prey because they'd had a bit too much wine or beer). To Moira, that seemed a very efficient, very fool-proof version of the way life should be.

After all, what went on in beds behind closed doors was nobody's business.

ooc// Ohmigosh! I'm so sorry that I'm so late - work has been taking up so much time. I know it's not long and not very good. *hopes she's still acceptable*

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