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Part I:Discussion
Thu Jun 29, 2006 8:20pm (XFF:

Surprisingly, despite her professed wish to distance herself from her past, Terrian found it difficult to suppress a cringe whenever one of the novices said the word 'Whitecloak'. One would think she had been in the Tower, been Aes Sedai, long enough that the demeaning way of referring to the Children of the Light would cease to faze her, but even in her own thoughts she couldn't reconcile calling them Whitecloaks. After all, her father had been a Child of the Light, as had many of her childhood friends and the man she would have married had it not been for saidar. Could one really blame her for feeling as she did? As much as she hated it, she had been born and raised Amadician and some thought processes where graven upon her soul as surely as the Three Oaths. Creator help her, but she couldn't escape her past. Then again, had she ever really been trying to?

As the last novice introduced herself, Terrian found herself disappointed by the turnout of novices. The class was smaller than she had hoped and was full of boys and girls either so green they were simply overeager or so long in whites they had grown apathetic. Light, what had she done to deserve this? She hadn't even wanted to teach this lesson; the least that could have gone right was that she would have a decent size group of interested yet experienced novices. Still, she had said she would teach and despite the size of the group that was what she would do. These novices deserved the same effort she would have given a larger class. That didn't stop her from being a little frustrated though. Especially when the only thought she had was that this wouldn't have happened when she had been a novice, soon followed by the realization that this thought could mean only one thing. She was getting a little too comfortable as an Aes Sedai.

"Well," she spoke with her customary cheery teaching attitude, "I'm surprised to hear that you all seem to know little to nothing about Amadicia. I think some of you must know more than you're telling me, after all, you've surely heard rumors." She looked at the assembled group with a wry smile, noting the empty desks as she did so. "In fact, I believe Novice Lilli even mentioned the rumors." The novice seemed uncomfortable with the attention when Terrian glanced at her, but hopefully she understood that it was a comment more along the lines of praise than reprimand. "All of you mentioned the Children of the Light as well, but we'll discuss the Children later. Before you can discuss that particular topic, you need to know something of Amadicia in general." A topic on which you all claim to have no former knowledge. She almost added before thinking better of it and merely smiling at the thought. If they all truly knew nothing… Well, Terrian would have her work cut out for her.

"Amadicia is, as most other nations are, a monarchy under the rule of a king who holds court at the Seranda Palace in the capital city of Amador. However, many question the actual power of the Amadician monarch as it widely known that they have little authority beyond the throwing of grand parties. Some find this implausible, but the truth is the Children of the Light hold as much power, if not more, than the Amadician king." Terrian paused, remembering for only a moment the truth in that statement. "Though, as I said, the Children will be discussed later.

"As a general rule, Amadician fashion is very similar to how I am currently dressed with a bonnet to match the dress for woman. Men will tend to favor long coats as the fashion. Of course, what is fashionable is set by the nobility as anywhere else. The nobles of Amadicia tend to hold the same privileges as the nobles of any nation and it is difficult for even the Children to levy charges against them.

"The penalty for crime in Amadicia is stiff however, giving the country a low crime rate as in Tar Valon. Punishments for thievery include branding for a first offence, amputation of the right hand for a second offence, and hanging for a third. The punishment often doesn't fit the crime as it is the same for any theft, small or large. It is also against Amadician law to enter the country if you have been trained in the White Tower: novice, Accepted, or Aes Sedai. Even the Queen of Andor is not allowed across the border for any reason, not even diplomatic ones. Those Tower trained woman found in the country are supposed to be seen to the border and made to leave the nation, however many are killed 'resisting arrest'." Though she couldn't come right out and say it, the death of those woman was often deliberate and she suspected that every novice in the room knew it "Woman who can channel often meet with similar 'unfortunate accidents'." It was painful to continue, but Terrian pressed on with the brief lecture. "I myself, when it was discovered I could channel, narrowly escaped one of these 'accidents'. Because of this regrettable situation, Amadician women are careful in the practice of medicine and there is no such thing as a Wisdom or a Reader or a Wise Woman. In fact, most of those these titles would apply to are men who stand less risk of being accused of being channelers."

Terrian looked again at her novices and again found herself saddened by the number of empty desks. "Channelers have long been despised by the people of Amadicia, believed to be Darkfriends and bringers of chaos. However, the exact reasoning behind this hatred may never be fully known there are some reasons why it has arisen. I'm not going to tell you any of the reasons that have been thought of though. You will, as a group, discuss and debate why Amadicians might have acquired this distrust of channelers, particularly Aes Sedai, and the motivation behind it. Use what I have just told you about Amadicia and what you may know of history, as well as any other relevant information, to support your theories." She paused and picked an empty desk next to one of the girls and settled herself in the chair. "I will stay out of the discussion for the most part, interfering only if I feel things have gotten out of hand or off topic." Sitting back, she smiled, "Begin."

OOC: Alright, this is part one everybody. All two of you... Anyway, This is going to literally be a discussion/debate so I want you to reply to each other. As this lesson will only have two parts, this part I want at least 800 words broken into two posts of at least 400 each. It really isn't asking so much, is it? Oh, and it must be two posts (at least, you can write more if you want), not a single post. Feel free to talk to each other in your posts as well as use NPCs because this is such a small lesson group. Email me if you have questions and have fun with this part!

Oh, and this lesson is still open if you want to join. Come on, you know you want to!

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