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Lesson Cancelled
Fri Jun 30, 2006 4:47am (XFF:

Due to the factor of nobody replying to Part I, this lesson is hereby cancelled. *peeks into crevices* Where on earth did you all go?

I hope more of you show up for the next channeling lesson.


  • Channeling: Art SurveyMenaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah, Thu Jun 1 5:15am
    By all means, the artistic talent simply did not reside in her genes. Or so every acquaintance of hers might observe, when perceiving, say, her hand in writing, or even her character in general. What ... more
    • Lesson CancelledAmy, Fri Jun 30 4:47am
    • Part I: WatercoloristMenaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah, Thu Jun 8 12:07am
      When the introductions were through, Menaihya nodded her approval and stood to her feet. “We will start off the lesson with a little painting,” she announced upon doing so, and directed her cool... more
    • ArtsyNovice Lilli Bloom, Sun Jun 4 11:18pm
      In the week and a half she had been here, she had progressed marginally in her prowess with the One Power; she could hold the sweet essence of saidar for more than ten seconds, for one thing, and she ... more
    • More advanced than finger-painting?Novice Moira Ivon, Thu Jun 1 9:31pm
      Attention, novices! A lesson touching on preliminary art is to be held in studio number eight in the western Accepted galleries, at promptly after the final toll of the midday bell. For those of you... more
    • Fifty-OneNovice Sarina, Thu Jun 1 8:40pm
      The White Tower is a place of wonder, containing people from every walk of life. There were nobles of the highest birth all the way down to Sarina. There was no doubt about it, as the ways of the... more
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