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Out of the Frying Pan
Sat Jul 1, 2006 12:40am (XFF:

Supressing disappointment, Adem forced himself to listen to the Accepted. Even so, he couldn't help feeling cheated. He was sure he was finally going to DO something, after weeks of being left cooling his heels. For all their talk of his safetly, the Aes Sedai had sure taken their time in setting this lesson up for him. And then, to find that it was simply another LECTURE! It was almost too much for Adem to bear. But bear it he did, for it was the only way he could learn what he needed to survive.

The lecture dragged on, as they tend to do, and for the most part, Adem paid scant attention. He was good at this stuff; if Adrian had asked, he could have recited any part of the lecture after hearing it just the once. But one part of Accepted Adrian's lecture made the hair on the back of Adem's neck stand up. Gentling. In all the excitement of getting settled in the Tower, Adem hadn't even thought about it. Or, for that matter, the dangers inherent in channeling the Power. He'd been told, of course, that if he wasn't taught to control the Power, the ability he'd been born with, chances were good he would die a, by all accounts, painful and violent death, but he'd never thought that even WITH tutelage he might be in some danger. He opened his mouth, getting ready to protest that he didn't really want to learn after all, when shouts from beyond the wall interrupted him.

"Fire! Everyone, help! Fire" Adem leapt to his feet, ready to run, though he was unsure which way he wanted to go. To assist with the fire, or away, to hide? His feet were moving even before he'd realized he'd made a decision. He didn't even glance at Accepted Adrian, but judging by the footfalls behind him, he was not alone. It only took him a few seconds to scramble over the wall, heedless of the rules he was breaking. He glanced at Adrain, standing next to him, then scanned the street, looking for the source of the outcry. There seemed to be a commotion coming a ways down the road, but Adem could see no sign of a fire. "Now what, Accepted?" He shot, slightly harsher than he'd intended. This was NOT going the way he'd imagined, anyway.

OOC: Yeah, so I had NO idea what to do... Cuz technically, Adem can't leave the grounds. So, I guess I'm gonna have major penance for this one... :P Sorry it's so short, but... Adem can't lead for various reasons, and I can't have Adrian do it without some MAJOR puppetage...And I didn't wanna rehash the entire last post, right?

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