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Yay... the city!
Sun Jul 2, 2006 3:33am (XFF:

Leanora wasn’t eager to go to any of the lessons that morning, she had a lot of chores and wanted to wonder around and do nothing. Do nothing. If a Novice manages to spend some time not doing anything here, ducks might just fall off from sky. Still, it was a habit and she checked the lesson board just in case there was something extremely interesting. And there was. A lonely note from Accepted Aranisia, saying she will be holding a channeling lesson for all the Novices in the city later that morning. In the city. Lea almost forgot the last time she was in Tar Valon, the most beautiful city after Maradon.

She basically sprinted through the hall, knocking some of the new Novices, to her room. Going to the city was so rare for Novices that she had to look her best. Not because of boys, Lea didn’t care about them, but because of…. it was unusual to say but Tar Valon itself. She couldn’t just go looking all messy and dirty as if she had just came out of the kitchen in the city like Tar Valon was, so royal, so glamorous. With couple of quick moves, she combed her golden curls until they didn’t look decent enough. They could never stay straight, like her friend, Liena’s or some of the other girls’; her curls would just go in whatever way they wanted. But, fortunately, they didn’t look so wild today. She fixed her dress, checked one more time if everything was alright and closed the door with a smile. Tar Valon was waiting!

There weren’t many Novices by the time Lea arrived in the yard, but then again the bell didn’t ring yet. Tall girl, with light brown hair, stood there smiling at them. Lea remembered seeing her at some classes, when she first wore novices’ whites. Aranisia, was the name. Her teacher for today. With a small sighed Lea asked herself when was she going to teach Novices like that, but the day was too beautiful for her to be sad and Tar Valon was calling her. As the bell rang other Novices joined the lesson and gathered around Aranisia.

“Welcome, novices, to this lesson in Channeling. As it said on the note, this lesson will take place in the City.” She began with a small smile like she knew what this meant to them. “As such, I need you to give me your names especially, so that I can write them down on this piece of parchment and let Madeline Sedai know where you are. In addition, I’d like you to give information about your country of origin, how long you have been in the Tower, and whether or not you have ever juggled before.” She pointed at one of the Novices before saying, “You can start.”

“I’m Leanora Martel, from Maradon in Saldaea.” Leanora said after couple of others. Some of them, probably the new ones, muttered, but after spending so much time in Tower, Lea didn’t have problems talking to Accepted or Aes Sedai. Or at least didn’t have big problems. “I have been in Tower for almost four years and no, I have never juggled before.”


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    ”You are excused, Accepted.” Moira’s nod was friendly, and Ara found herself smiling back at the newly raised Blue. “I hear you’ve received permission to take your class into the city for the day;... more
    • Lesson closed!Brita, Wed Aug 2 11:13am
      Time is definitly up, those who get credit are: Novice Kareen din Yokiri Novice Taphen al'Goud Congratulations and good job, both of you! It was great fun!
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      It was a slim figure that made its way down the stairs outside the White Tower. Taphen barely stood 5´6´´ and while entering his twenties had put a little meat on his bones, he was still surprisingly ... more
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      ”Right,” Ara said briskly after all the novices had introduced themselves, ”I guess that is it, then.” The gathering of novices was rather less than what the Seanchan Accepted had hoped for, but then ... more
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        “Sarina, you will remain after class, please, and for now you will rearrange your skirt so that it’s proper.” The Accepteds have said these words, the Aes Sedai have said these words, other Novices... more
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        Kareen watched as another Accepted she had not noticed before, a boy, left with the roster with all their names on it. Apparently while they were waiting for him to return, the female Accepted was... more
      • Part Two: To Practise and to Take the SceneAccepted Aranisia Samin, Tue Jul 18 2:03pm
        ”Are everyone done with their weaving,” Markel asked quietly, and Ara nodded. Most of them, in fact, had been done for quite some time; a number of the novices were already experimenting with... more
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        • PracticingNovice Kareen din Yokiri, Thu Jul 20 9:36am
          Kareen waited patiently before the Accepted asked them to gather once more. She had tied off her weaves a little before, having time to stare about the orphanage once again. At the instruction of the ... more
          • PerformingNovice Kareen din Yokiri, Sun Jul 23 5:10pm
            It had been a week since the lesson Kareen had taken in the city, and it was time for her to return once more. She made her way to the meeting place, so the Accepted’s could lead them into Tar Valon. ... more
      • Look at my ballsNovice Taphen al'Goud, Thu Jul 13 3:25pm
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      Sarina could barely contain her excitement when she heard that there was to be a channeling lesson which was going into the city. It had been thirty-three days since the last she had been allowed out ... more
    • Yay... the city! — Novice Leanora Martel, Sun Jul 2 3:33am
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