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Keeping One's Head Down
Mon Jul 3, 2006 7:54am (XFF:

A lesson had just been posted on the announcement board, but that did little good to Sarina. While her reading and writing skills were improving she still had difficulty reading the flowing and sometimes flowery script the Aes Sedai often used on the board. So it was that she always ignored it, which was working alright for now. All the other Novices always talked about current lessons and new ones which had been posted. It was quite easy for Sarina to simply listen in and learn about what was going on. In this case it was especially effective.

The lesson which had just been posed was for Amadician culture. It was talked about in hushed tones among many of the Novices, but it seemed that everyone was talking about it. Sarina tried to remember what she had heard about Amadicia, but all she could remember was being told that she should stay away from the country. No one had ever told her why she should stay away, simply that because of who she was it would be dangerous for her there. Sarina had always written it off because it was unlikely that she would ever have the chance to go there considering her current predicament.

Whatever the case might have been, Sarina hated her ignorance concerning these different nations. It seemed that everyone at the Tower has some sort of advantage over her. Many were stronger in the power. She was not suppose to be comparing her strength with another Novice’s strength, but it was nearly impossible not to. She could barely read and write even with sixty-three days of study. Well, admittedly, she had not been working so hard on learning that lately. It still seemed a rather pointless endeavor. Lastly, it seemed that everyone knew something about these other cultures, when Sarina did not even know what culture she came from.

She would go to this lesson. So it was, before the first bell she found herself outside of classroom twenty-three. It was a room much the same as all of the other class rooms. It was large enough for more than forty or fifty Novices, not that there ever were that many in the same class. There were glass windows facing east, which was perfect for these morning classes. The sun would peak up over the horizon spilling its red golden light through the windows warming the multicolored walls. Sarina was at the door and opened it just as the first bell sounded. She curtsied and took her seat quickly not meeting the Aes Sedai’s eyes. Sarina had taken to avoiding looking directly into the faces of her instructors. She did not know why, but she always felt awkward looking at people, especially when meeting their eyes with her own.

Her thoughts were interrupted through by…“I am Terrian Dy'ner Sedai of the Green Ajah, and this is a lesson about the culture of Amadicia. If each of you would be so good as to give me your name, the city and country in which you were raised, and anything you know or think you know about Amadicia, we'll get this lesson started."

When it came time for Sarina to speak she stood slowly and said, “I am Sarina, I was not raised in any city, but I am told that I am from Andor. All I know about Amadicia is that I should not go there now that I am here at the Tower.” Sarina said this all in a quick whisper, which could still be heard all the way to the front of the room. She still did not speak to most people and many times not even in lessons. These lessons were always a special case, because the Aes Sedai did not know every Novice and always required them to stand and speak their names. Sarina sat down quickly still not looking up from her desk hoping that she would not have to speak anymore than that.

(OOC: Sorry for being late on this, but I thought I was not going to be in town for this month. I was suppose to be at Field Training with the Air Force, and you are not allowed to use the internet there. But it was moved to another date so here I am. Again I apologize for being late, I really did not think I would be here.)

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