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Light I Hate Speaking
Mon Jul 3, 2006 8:47am (XFF:

Terrian Sedai spoke cheerfully to them explaining the basic ins and outs of Amadician culture. It became very apparent to Sarina why she had been told to stay out of that country now that she had come to the Tower. The Aes Sedai spoke about the fashion of the culture mentioning that she was wearing something which might be seen in Amadicia. That made Sarina stop and think, perhaps this Aes Sedai is from Amadicia. It would make sense after all. The Mistress of Novices seems to enjoy having Aes Sedai and Accepted teach lessons about their home countries. She also began to wonder what would happen when she became Aes Sedai. Would she be allowed to go back to wearing the soft doe skin breeches and shirts which she had worn before she came to the Tower. Or would she have to continue wearing these dresses, which were in her opinion the worst clothing design ever. They were impossible to run in, and even now she still tripped over the hem whenever she did not pay it close attention.

Sarina was concentrating on everything the Aes Sedai was saying to such a degree that she almost missed something. Not something large, nothing that Terrian Sedai was saying to the Novices, but something subtle. She heard it first in her voice. Despite the cheerful tone which she was using to teach, Sarina sensed something was warring inside this woman. She could not tell exactly what and risked looking up at the Aes Sedai’s face for a moment. It was a quick glance, but in that she saw everything she needed. There was a small crease to her lips which proved her frustration, and the way she had glanced at the many empty chairs in the room said the rest. She must be upset because there are few Novices here.

Sarina felt sad about that fact as well, but it was not within her power to do anything about it. So instead she focused on listening to the Aes Sedai’s words and upon hearing them felt like crying. “I'm not going to tell you any of the reasons that have been thought of though. You will, as a group, discuss and debate why Amadicians might have acquired this distrust of channelers, particularly Aes Sedai, and the motivation behind it. Use what I have just told you about Amadicia and what you may know of history, as well as any other relevant information, to support your theories."

Discuss and Debate!!! Sarina wanted to curse but did not. It would simply draw more attention to her. This was exactly what she wanted to avoid. Besides she was not simply claiming not to know anything about Amadicia she truly did not know. It seemed that all of these culture classes left her behind even more than before. The last one where she was able to travel to Andor worked well, because she had been instructed on Andoran Law in a separate class a few days before hand. Now she had nothing to go on except what Terrian Sedai had said.

Sarina took a second to calm herself and a thought came to her. Perhaps everyone else will get so involved in the conversation they will ignore me! It was a pleasant fiction to think of, but Sarina knew it would not happen. Yet what was worse was that after Terrian Sedai said begin all of the Novices simply stared at each other for what seemed like hours, but must have been only a few minutes. It seemed that no one was going to step up and speak first and again Sarian could have cried. She could feel the rising disappointment from the Aes Sedai at the silence and so she took a deep breath an began in a quiet voice her eyes still on the ground.

“I was not lying earlier when I said that I knew nothing about Amadicia. But perhaps they fear channlers and Aes Sedai especially because of the power we wield. It is something completely arbitrary, or at least it seems that way as to who can use the One Power. Being able to tap into the True Source gives us an edge over everyone else in the world. Then the Aes Sedai and the White Tower go out and gather as many of these people who can use the One Power as possible putting them all in one place, and organize them under one person.”

She stopped for a second and looked up and around at everyone before continuing, “and then this huge power base sends out ambassadors and attempts to influence and control other people’s nations I can see why they would be afraid. The world fears the White Tower, because it is one of the largest concentrations of power in the world. The Amadicians simply take the fear to its next logical step; hatred. They call us darkfriends and chaos bringers because it is easier to hate an enemy when they are pure evil not simply misunderstood.

I think it is completely understandable how the Amadicians are. I cannot like it, but I can understand it. A Brown Aes Sedai once told me of an old manuscript from before the Age of Legends which put it best, ‘fear leads to hate and hate leads to suffering’. They fear channlers and the Tower because of the power we posses and this jealousy leads them to hate us which leads them to kill us.”

Sarina was done and she felt worse than ever. She hoped that none of it had shown while she was speaking, but was quite sure that it had been quite obvious. But she tried not to dwell on it and waited to hear what one of the others would say to her statement.

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