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Juggling? What's That?
Mon Jul 3, 2006 9:10am (XFF:

Sarina could barely contain her excitement when she heard that there was to be a channeling lesson which was going into the city. It had been thirty-three days since the last she had been allowed out of the Tower. That had been a wonderful lesson about the Blue Ajah. But that was the past and now Sarina was happy about the present, where they would not be leaving the Tar Valon, but they would be out of the Tower, more or less in the open air.

So it was that she ran to where she was to meet Accepted Aranisia who would be teaching the channeling lesson in the city. As she went she turned cartwheels, somersaults, and flips off of the walls. But only in empty corridors, she was ignorant not stupid. Any Aes Sedai or Accepted who saw here acting like that would have called her down for it immediately. She had the hem of her white Novice dress tucked into her belt to allow herself more freedom of movement. It bared her legs to well above the knee, but Sarina did not care and literally did not know the definition of modesty.

Finally though she slowed and rounded the corner to the meeting place and blew a few strands of her mousy brown hair out of her sun darkened face. As usual it was sticking up in every direction due mostly to the fact that Sarina did not care what became of it and also because she owned neither comb nor brush and had never felt the lack. Right now her eyes were a fiery golden color with black flecks. Sarina did not know this, but everyone else could see it. Her eyes were most likely her most outstanding feature due to the fact that they changed color sometimes with her mood, but more often than not seemingly at random.

Whatever the case was she took a place near the back of the large group of novices wishing she were closer to the front. From her position, it was quite difficult to see due to her height. Not knowing her age, but estimating it to be around fourteen she had not yet completely grown, but she did not know this. After waiting for a few moments the bell tolled and she could hear Accepted Aranisia call for introductions. Sarina barely listened to what other people said waiting for her turn.

Finally it came and she spoke in the same small voice she always had, keeping her eyes down not meeting the gaze of the Accepted. “I am Sarina, and I am told that I am from Andor. This is my sixty-sixth day in the Tower and I do not know what juggling is and do not know if I have ever done it before.”

(OOC: HA HA juggling what fun. I have tried it myself and can’t get past three balls. Aw c’est la vie. Sarina however has juggled before, but has never heard what it was called. To the best of everying Love Luck and Lollipops.)

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