Final impressions
Thu Jul 6, 2006 9:50pm (XFF:

The lesson seemed to be moving towards a close, something which Teiran was deeply thankful for. It was not that he didn't enjoy channeling, quite the opposite. However, after a good two hour lesson, and the better part of it spent channeling, he was beginning to feel fatigued. He still paid close attention to Asha'man Naslyn's words, because in channeling lessons, every word was important, and Aes Sedai didn't care much for repeating themselves. Teiran reckoned Asha'man felt much the same about the matter, so he paid attention, mentally noting every word.

The method for disposing of wards seemed easy enough, except for the ominous warning that the Asha'man casually dropped into his lecture. Most wards don't trigger when I do this? What about those that do? It wasn't that Teiran suspected that the Asha'man would create a ward that would blow up in his face, but learning a method for disposing of wards didn't seem very useful if he couldn't use it when he needed to remove a potentially dangerous weave. And what exactly did he mean about 'nasty surprises'? Perhaps he'd look into this unraveling of weaves. Anything that Aes Sedai was wary of was to be approached with caution, but if he could learn it, he would have one up on the rest, and that was never to be rejected easily.

Finally, Teiran was instructed to channel, and as he had suspected, this was the final part of the lesson. The Void came easily, and saidin only slightly less so, and two thin threads of Spirit appeared at each end of the ward Asha'man Naslyn had created. Thet weren't as thin as the ones the Asha'man had created, but a questioning glance at him received an approving nod, so Teiran guessed they were serviceable. Pulling slightly at the ward, he discovered they ... resisted moving, in a way. Applying a bit more force, he was delighted to see that it was actually working. Elated, he gave a quick yank on the threads, and the ward collapsed, just like his own had collapsed when Asha'man Naslyn had demonstrated.

The Asha'man created another ward, with instructions just to pull it out of shape this time, not making it collapse entirely. Teiran nodded absentmindedly and began pulling on the new ward. After a couple of tries, Teiran thought he had learned approximately how much force was needed, as well as how much out of shape the ward needed to be, and he told the Asha'man his ideas. Sagging visibly from the exhaustion of working with saidin for so long, Teiran let go of the Source as soon as it was clear there was nothing else he needed to do. Although he had learned many useful things, it had also been trying, and he looked forward to having some free time afterwards.

OOC: Sorry it took so long, RL has been busy lately. Thanks for wonderful RP! :)

  • Ward disposalAsha'man Naslyn Tamco, Mon Jun 12 7:08am
    Naslyn peered at the Novice’s ward. It looked correct to him, though he knew as well as any other Asha’man that wards were tricky pieces of business. Each ward looked different from another and even... more
    • Final impressions — Novice Teiran Ketai, Thu Jul 6 9:50pm
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        • Woot!Donna, Fri Jul 28 6:40pm
          Yay! Great work, folks. You'll note the lovely pink 'X' on the LPP. That was the lesson you won for solving the puzzle in the Initiate Monthly, right? Cooool. ;o) ~Donna aka Your Local MoN
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