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Part One: Ball-creation
Sat Jul 8, 2006 3:06pm (XFF:

”Right,” Ara said briskly after all the novices had introduced themselves, ”I guess that is it, then.” The gathering of novices was rather less than what the Seanchan Accepted had hoped for, but then again she knew there was a vast variety of lessons set up for novices. Still, though, it surprised her that so few novices seemed interested in spending the day in the City of Tar Valon instead of within the confines of the White Tower.

She looked over the parchment filled with names in her hand, glancing at each face as she repeated the owners name to herself. Ara wasn’t particularly good with names – not bad, but not very good either – and she had discovered that doing this helped her memorize unfamiliar names faster. Her blue eyes narrowed as they took in the appearance of the one who had called herself Sarina; while she had overcome the problem of undressing before males when becoming an Accepted she still held the typical Seanchan views of modesty. And this girl’s manner of dress, with the hem of her white skirts tucked not-so-neatly up so that half her thighs were exposed…It simply wouldn’t do. Oh, Madeline Sedai would surely see to it that the child never went dressed as such again, but it would not only be her who was called in, most likely.

Leaning towards Markel, she whispered into his ear and then scribbled a few words down on the piece of parchment holding the names. They had agreed early on that she would be the one to take the lead as well as most of the responsibility for the group; he was simply there to demonstrate the weaves to any male novices.

The tall Arafellin nodded to the novices, then walked quickly up the stairs of the Tower. “He is going to Madeline Sedai with the roster,” Ara explained, “I will take you to the City, and he will catch up with us there.”

She looked at all of them with what was meant to be a close imitation of the serene look of Aes Sedai; as all Accepted did she imitated them as often as she could get away with it, which really was only with novices. Gaidin and Gaidar merely snorted – if the Accepted was lucky! – the few times an Accepted tried those particular tricks on them, and even the servants were more likely to laugh ruefully than anything else.

“Now, novices, how you act in the City will reflect not only on yourself, but also on me and Accepted Markel since we are your instructors. Even more important, however, is that it will also reflect badly on the White Tower and as such all Aes Sedai.” She put in more than a touch of awe in that, much more than she usually would. “As such, your behaviour – and your code of dress – “ here she looked directly at Sarina – “must be impeccable.” The novices nodded impatiently, several of them smoothing down skirts and tunics that really did not need it at all. “Sarina, you will remain after class, please, and for now you will rearrange your skirt so that it’s proper.” A few giggles among the novices were quickly stifled, and then they were on their way.

The orphanage The Three Bells lay in a rather secluded area of Tar Valon; even though the city’s clamour could be clearly heard there was far less of it than in most areas Ara had been during her relatively few visits to the City. While it was true that Accepted had a good deal more control of their classes than novices had, it was also equally true that their work and progress was closely monitored and that it would be ‘commented on’ if an Accepted’s work-effort fell below a certain level. As such, it wasn’t every day an Accepted went to Tar Valon, though of course it was far more often than the novices.

“Right then,” Aranisa said when the novices had gathered in a circle around her. She had let them walk around the orphanage in small groups or alone for a while first, to let them have the opportunity to talk to the children and maybe even find one or two they felt some level of connection to. It would, she knew, make it that much easier to motivate them to do their best to help the poor young ones. “I hope you’ve all taken the time to look around the orphanage.” She took in the low, white-washed buildings surrounded and encased by a tall stone wall, and continued with a question. “What do you think?”

A young man raised his hand, and Ara nodded to him. He looked nervous, licking his lips and in general looking like he’d rather be anywhere else, but finally replied. “I…I guess for an orphanage it isn’t bad. The children look like they’re well fed and are being cared for, but—“

“But what,” Ara asked as he seemed suddenly unsure, “tell us, please. I won’t bite you, child.”

Some novices sniggered, and the young man – Kendir? Something like that – spoke up, actually letting out a small laugh. “It’s just that, well, there seems to be no toys here. None at all. And well, the children look…maybe a little bored?”

Other novices nodded their consent with Kendir’s judgement, and Ara thanked him.

“Now, the reason why I brought you here is, in fact, these children’s situation.” They blinked, looking at her, and Ara continued. “When I asked you if you’d tried juggling before, it was to a very specific purpose.” Quickly, Ara wove three perfectly round balls of Air laced with a touch of Earth, one after another. She tied off the weaves as she finished them – she was able to split her weaves two ways, even three if the weaves were only Air and Water, her two strongest elements, but it was hard and, frankly, waste of energy – and lifted them up in her hands. She juggled for them with three balls for a brief while, then up from the small sack slung on her back came first one and then one more. The novices oohed and aaahed, much like Ara had expected them to, and in Sarine’s face she saw recognition – at least that was what she thought it was.

“Alright,” Ara said. “You, my dears, are going to learn how to juggle. First, though, you need to make the balls.” She gestured at Markel, who had arrived while the novices were walking around on their own. “As usual, I will demonstrate for the females, Markel for the males. Attend.”

She embraced saidar once more, knowing that Markel would have seized saidin. The weaves were remarkably alike for both sexes, but of course it still had to be done like this since females could not see threads woven of saidin and vice versa.

Beginning by simply making a ball of Air, filtering the threads close enough together that they became quite the intricate web and then rolling it in on itself as she might have if she was to make a ball out of scraps of clothing that had been ripped apart and then tied together. Every so often she would weave threads – thin, to be sure, since it was her second weakest element, but present none-the-less – of Earth into the web of Air; it made the balls heavier and thus easier to control. When she was done a ball ideally suited for her slender had lay in her palm, and then she again addressed her students, seeing that Markel also held a ball in his.

“Right. I want you to practise this weave, and when you’ve become competent enough that your balls don’t fall asunder – because they will, if you fail to weave the Air and Earth properly together – you can make three balls. Tie off your weave after you’ve finished a ball; I doubt any of you would be able to separate your flows yet, and I wouldn’t want to risk anyone having a foolish accident just because you feel too self-assured. Got that?” The novices nodded. “Begin!”

(OOC: whew. Sorry about the long post, I guess I was rambly today. Anyways, I’d like minimum 400 words for this part, please. I don’t mind if you have your character play with the children or whatnot, but the actual channelling should have a dominant place in your post.

The class is still open to newcomers, by the way. Make sure to post for the intro before posting for part one, though. Next part will be up in a week, so Saturday the 15th.)

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