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Wishing for the Frying Pan Back
Sun Jul 9, 2006 8:01pm (XFF:

The screams of fire shot awareness down every bone in Adrain’s body. Without thinking, the Gaidin in him lightly leaped the wall and landed in the middle of the street. Only as he stood there, frantically searching for the source of the outcry, did he realize the full implications of his actions.

Unthinkingly, he had lead his charge, Adem, not only out of the grounds but into a possibly dangerous situation. If Madeline Sedai ever discovered this, Adrain could kiss the Training Grounds goodbye for several years- probably the rest of his life. This was not going the way he had planned.

While riding the waves of indecision, events around him were rapidly unfolding. A mob of people had gathered about, some staring at the fire, others futilely attempting to put it out. Adrain calmed himself, trying to focus on the true source of the panic. He finally found it- a well contained fire in the second weaver’s shop on the left. As Adrain studied it, he felt a sort of wrongness emanating from the building. This was no natural fire…it was created by the One Power. All the ordinary water in the world wouldn’t quench it.

As Adrain considered which weave would most effectively put out the blaze, he spotted a woman hurrying away from the fire. The odd behavior, caused the Accepted’s attention to momentarily leave the fire. He gasped- she wore the glow of a woman channeling.

A third strange event caught his eye. To the right of the woman struggled a pair of men. OF their quarrel, Adrain knew nothing. What he did know was that serious harm might come to them if it wasn’t ceased, for both were clearly accomplished fighters.

Indecision washed over Adrain again, and he cursed himself for it. Which was most important- the fire, the woman, or the struggling pair? And then, it was as if the very Creator had come to his aid in the guise of Adem. “Now what, Accepted?” the novice asked, sounding shocked and perplexed. Suddenly, Adrain knew what to do.

“Adem?” he said low and urgently. “I going to ask you to take a big step in your power- but I think you can do it. I want you to put out the fire. It’s created by the One Power and can only be put out by the One Power. The weave is incredibly simple. I will show you how.”

The woman was heading towards the Sun Gate now, and panic began to fill the Accepted. Trailing her was a job he must do, which left putting out the fire to Adem until other help from the White Tower arrived, which might take awhile since the pounding feet of the Sun Gate guards could only assist in breaking up the fight.

“To seize the One Power you must first focus on feeding all your emotions into a flame in your mind’s eye. Once you have achieved a state of calm- a state called the void, you must reach out towards the light you should see. You must show no hesitation and seize it, or it will seize you. Once you have gained control, separate the light into five bands. The silver is Air, the red is Fire, brown is Earth, green is Spirit, and blue is Water. Separate the blue thread, Water, and direct it on the shop. This should put the fire out. Good luck, Adem. I will return as soon as I might.”

Taking one glance at the novice’s terrified face, Adrain fought the waves of guilt flooding through him and dashed after the fleeing woman. He would send help as soon as he found it.

OOC: Okay- I’ll try to make things clearer for you in this. I want you to tell of seizing the One Power and putting the fire out. Second, I want you to write of the soldiers (and perhaps Adem) breaking up the fight between Brac and Gephart Trist. My next post will be tracking down Anietta and the returning to conclude. Good luck and email me if you have questions!

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