The Breaking?
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Almost every Novice didn’t say much about Amadicia though Neveah knew that most of them probably knew much more than they let on. Well at least the Novices who have been Novices before. As if all of the years at the Tower told them absolutely nothing about the outside world, with all the classes and the Library, the crowd of Browns that crawled around the Tower… But it was a little bit intimidating to tell someone, an Aes Sedai even, from Amadicia that there wasn’t much anyone liked about it. Once the word ‘Whitecloaks’ was uttered they stuck to that subject.

After all of the Novices had answered the Green recognized the need to remedy the situation. She started the lecture. Amadacia was a monarchy and they wore long coats, so on and so forth. Neveah looked down at her desk, a pen and a few sheets of paper. Recently she had taken on a new habit of note taking. Even when it wasn’t required. Well it didn’t used to be notes, it used to be drawings or diagrams or notes that were to be ‘passed’ onto another Novice. After soon getting in innumerable amounts trouble for not paying attention or distracting others, whatever, she decided to actually take notes. More or less. She drew little pictures of what was being said, took much less time than writing every word. And then drew little side pictures. A little way of not loosing her mind, classes were so boring. It was funny, now instead of getting punished she was being praised! How inventive Rukiya was! Oh what a clever drawing! Why don’t all the students do that? She smiled evilly just thinking about it.

Her braids shifted and clicked minutely as she started scribbling down little stick figures. One was standing with a crown and next to it, equally tall was another stick figure with a cloak and a little sun on his breast. Below it, and smaller she drew men and women with the various clothing the Aes Sedai described. At the top of the page she drew the teacher. Curled hair on a stick figure like head. Amadacian cut dress hung on the little frame and she was careful to catch her stance in the way she stood, addressing the circle of Novices. She drew a couple of glowing women in coffins.

There was a pause and when she started again the pitch of her voice had changed a little, indicating the end of the lecture. She looked up and waited as she discussed the ‘distrust’ of channelers in Amadacia. Now they were to discuss as a group possible reasons of the entire country’s dislike of channelers. The Aes Sedai settled into one of the desks and waited for them to begin.

There was a small hiccup of silence before anyone said anything. It was obvious not many of these Novices knew each other well. Neveah simply observed her drawings until someone started.

The girl who started mentioned that they might be afraid of the power channelers had. Not to mention organized channelers and the power the White Tower held. And all the Amadicians saw was the White Tower reaching out and sending it’s Aes Sedai to every part of the world, influencing and such. Well that was the jist of it at least.

The Novice looked like she was going to pass out. She was probably one of the newer Novices. Nervousness of public speaking, at least in the classroom setting, was quickly beat out of any initiate. Neveah sighed, it was her turn it seemed.

“A point I would like to bring out is that Aes Sedai caused the Breaking of the World. The entire world feared, including Aes Sedai, male channelers for an amazing amount of time. And many in the world still do. Not to mention the Forsaken channel. After something as momentous as the Breaking happens all sorts of opinions are going to fly through people’s minds. Some inevitably turn to hate.

“The reasons for that may vary. Maybe after being scattered and lost some asked the Aes Sedai for help but did not receive anyway, the Aes Sedai being broken themselves. But perhaps I’m going to far into the past. Perhaps a little bit more to the point is that after the Aes Sedai reforged themselves, over the years, they started reaching into other people’s business and started tugging. At least in other people’s eyes like Sarina had mentioned. Having a terrible power that no one else understands doesn’t exactly help either. Which I think Sarina had also mentioned.”

When she was finished another Novice piped up. “And don’t some people use fear to control others. It may have been useful to them several times in the past, this fear of channelers…”

Neveah sat back and listened for a bit.

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