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Better to show up late than not at all
Mon Jul 10, 2006 12:41pm (XFF:

It was a slim figure that made its way down the stairs outside the White Tower. Taphen barely stood 5´6´´ and while entering his twenties had put a little meat on his bones, he was still surprisingly thin. At least the Aes Sedai weren’t ordering him to eat for two anymore. They seemed to have accepted that he would never become anything but frail and hollow-cheeked. Just as well, when the time comes, my battle will not be fought through physical strength. Saidin is by my side, my weapon, my curse. He joined the small group of novices already assembled around Accepted Aranisia, he found it funny that an Accepted was allowed, and trusted enough to escort novices out into Tar Valon. Usually that was restricted area, and Taphen could not remember the last time he was allowed out of the Tower.

That had been the lure of this particular lesson, a chance for a change in scenery was not to be missed. The note on the content of the lesson had been a bit vague, but new knowledge was always welcome and Taphen had already learn that the Accepted had a lot of knowledge to give, and were often more eager to part with it than Aes Sedai were, as teaching was still new and exciting to them. He waited his turn to present himself, this practise was used in nearly every lesson, and a ritual one went through without really paying attention anymore, except for… Juggling? Why does she want to know that? Does she mean through channelling? Realising that he was next, Taphen cleared his throat. “I am Taphen al’Goud, from Andor. I have been in the Tower for five and a half years, give or take and the only things I’ve ever juggled were three orbs of light, through saidin.”

In truth, it had only been one orb and there had been more hovering than anything, but Taphen’s mind – proud as he had been at being able to produce the ball in the first place – spiced up the story, yet again without him knowing it. It was an illness he had not yet detected, nor had the Tower, but his memories were slowly replaced with more dramatic and exciting versions of the former truth. Usually just being in the White Tower proved exciting enough for his mind to accept the truth as it was, but ever so often the truth was rejected, and lies and fantasy filled his universe.

OOC: Hi, sorry I’m late, I decided that I could use this lesson’s credit instead of the individual work, I’m doing with Accepted Luc, as he isn’t really here at the moment. I’ll respond to part one before Saturday! Enjoy…

  • Novice Channeling: The Artistry Continues!Accepted Aranisia Samin, Sat Jul 1 7:20am
    ”You are excused, Accepted.” Moira’s nod was friendly, and Ara found herself smiling back at the newly raised Blue. “I hear you’ve received permission to take your class into the city for the day;... more
    • Lesson closed!Brita, Wed Aug 2 11:13am
      Time is definitly up, those who get credit are: Novice Kareen din Yokiri Novice Taphen al'Goud Congratulations and good job, both of you! It was great fun!
    • An Unlikely Bout of TardinessNovice Kareen din Yokiri, Wed Jul 19 8:47am
      Kareen found herself late for her channeling lesson, and mentally kicked herself. She had told herself she would not be late for any of her lessons, and here she was, later than one would normally be ... more
    • Better to show up late than not at all — Novice Taphen al'Goud, Mon Jul 10 12:41pm
    • Part One: Ball-creationAccepted Aranisia Samin, Sat Jul 8 3:06pm
      ”Right,” Ara said briskly after all the novices had introduced themselves, ”I guess that is it, then.” The gathering of novices was rather less than what the Seanchan Accepted had hoped for, but then ... more
      • FrustrationNovice Sarina, Fri Jul 21 11:27am
        “Sarina, you will remain after class, please, and for now you will rearrange your skirt so that it’s proper.” The Accepteds have said these words, the Aes Sedai have said these words, other Novices... more
      • For the ChildrenNovice Kareen din Yokiri, Wed Jul 19 1:23pm
        Kareen watched as another Accepted she had not noticed before, a boy, left with the roster with all their names on it. Apparently while they were waiting for him to return, the female Accepted was... more
      • Part Two: To Practise and to Take the SceneAccepted Aranisia Samin, Tue Jul 18 2:03pm
        ”Are everyone done with their weaving,” Markel asked quietly, and Ara nodded. Most of them, in fact, had been done for quite some time; a number of the novices were already experimenting with... more
        • Preparing and executing a performanceNovice Taphen al'Goud, Fri Jul 21 5:34am
          Taphen stood with three balls in his hands, made by the One Power – a fact that made him feel proud, despite the discomfort of channeling them into existence – and looked at the failures of his... more
        • PracticingNovice Kareen din Yokiri, Thu Jul 20 9:36am
          Kareen waited patiently before the Accepted asked them to gather once more. She had tied off her weaves a little before, having time to stare about the orphanage once again. At the instruction of the ... more
          • PerformingNovice Kareen din Yokiri, Sun Jul 23 5:10pm
            It had been a week since the lesson Kareen had taken in the city, and it was time for her to return once more. She made her way to the meeting place, so the Accepted’s could lead them into Tar Valon. ... more
      • Look at my ballsNovice Taphen al'Goud, Thu Jul 13 3:25pm
        Taphen didn’t feel the need to be told to behave, he had learned to be a model student, and it seemed the only way to go. There were always pranks being pulled by one or more novices, the most... more
    • Juggling? What's That?Novice Sarina, Mon Jul 3 9:10am
      Sarina could barely contain her excitement when she heard that there was to be a channeling lesson which was going into the city. It had been thirty-three days since the last she had been allowed out ... more
    • Yay... the city!Novice Leanora Martel, Sun Jul 2 3:33am
      Leanora wasn’t eager to go to any of the lessons that morning, she had a lot of chores and wanted to wonder around and do nothing. Do nothing. If a Novice manages to spend some time not doing... more
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