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Part II: Whitecloaks
Tue Jul 11, 2006 6:37pm (XFF:

As the discussion seemed to come to a natural end, which was hard to determine considering the reluctance of many of the novices to speak up and voice an opinion, Terrian rose from the desk she was sitting at and prepared herself to teach again. She had to wonder when novices had become so quiet, so averse to speaking up in class. Then again, hadn't she been like that as well? That was why she spent so long as an Accepted after all; she had never questioned, simply done as she was told. Maybe it wasn't the novices that had changed; maybe it was simply her view of them. Whichever it was, it made Terrian feel strange. She couldn't recall when she had stopped thinking of herself as once being one of those girls in white and instead begun to think of herself simply as an Aes Sedai. Light, she had never intended to start thinking that way! In fact, she had always told herself she would never forget that she had once only had dreams of earning the shawl too. Perhaps beginning to think of oneself more as an Aes Sedai was simply a side-effect of having had the shawl the years she had. She would begin to look ageless soon, features betraying what she would keep secret.

Suppressing a sigh, Terrian smiled at her class, pleased with the points they had brought up. "You all came up with excellent explanations for the fear and hatred many Amadicians feel toward channelers, some of you, like Novice Rukiya, even connected it back to the Breaking. That insight strikes right at the core of the issue and the Breaking of the World using the One Power is one of the main factors contributing to this fear. Many of you also pointed out fear of the unknown, or of the Power we are able to control. That is another very valid point. Ability to wield saidar or saidin is possessed by very few people, making it something frightening to those who can't or who rarely encounter those who can." Some of the novices were fidgeting anxiously, ready to be up and gone it seemed, so she moved on quickly to the next topic.

"Now, as I'm sure many of you know, this would normally be the part of the lesson when you might get to Travel to the nation in question. However, seeing as that is not only illegal in Amadicia but also dangerous we will unfortunately not be able to go there. However, I believe that the alternative will be almost as nice for all of you. Before that though, we must talk about the Children of the Light." A few of the novices looked at her skeptically, as if questioning if anything could make up for the fact that she wouldn't be taking them from the Tower for a day. Still, the rest of what they had to do for this lesson should prove to be more enjoyable for them than most lessons were.

"The Children of the Light, and I won't have a single one of you using the term 'Whitecloak' for the duration of this lesson because it isn't correct or polite, were founded by a man known as Lothair Mantelar in Free Year 1021 during the War of the Hundred Years. Originally, they were simply to preach against Darkfriends, a sort of brotherhood of ordinary men attempting to serve the Light. This philosophy is outlined in Mantelar's book The Way of the Light. If any of you are interested in it, I'm sure the library has copies of the book. In fact, I've read it and it is required reading for any newly enlisted Child of the Light." Terrian smiled, "However, since Mantelar wrote this book over a millennium ago the Children have evolved. During the war torn years following their founding, the Children gradually shifted from being preachers to being soldiers and standing as a literal army against Darkfriends. Since then they have changed immensely, but most records from this time in the Children's history have been lost so the exact path and reasoning behind the changes has been lost."

Terrian paused, attempting to gauge the novices' reactions and having little luck. One of the novices, a boy from Arafel if the braids were any indication, raised his hand slowly. Terrian nodded as an indication for him to go ahead. "Terrian Sedai, isn't it true that the Children of the Light rule Amadicia like the Aes Sedai rule Tar Valon?"

The Aes Sedai shook her head, "No, not exactly. Technically, the Children of the Light do rule Amadicia in all but name, their headquarters even being in the capital city of Amador. However, for all official purposes one must deal with the King, even if it is known he is acting as the Children direct him. In Tar Valon the Aes Sedai are able to openly acknowledge that they run the city. No Lord Captain Commander has ever claimed to rule Amadicia as the Amyrlin and selected Aes Sedai obviously do Tar Valon." She paused briefly again. "Speaking of the Lord Captain Commander, the current holder of that position is Matthias Tovrin. His High Inquisitor, head of the Hand of the Light – or as they are commonly known, the Questioners – is Gior Erendre. Of course, they also have a network of spies throughout the land, just as Aes Sedai have Eyes and Ears."

The glazed looks one or two of her students had taken on were not encouraging. "After that, they Children are a fairly standard military organization, progressing down through the ranks all the way the regular soldier. Recently, they began to admit women to their ranks and currently have soldiers from every nation from Arad Doman to Cairhien." Terrian thought about adding other details for a moment, but decided that she had covered the main points and that it was time to set the novices their task. "Now, for that alternative I promised. I'm sorry to say that you won't be leaving Tar Valon, or even the Tower, but you will have a day free from lessons and chores until supper because of this. However, in this time you will have a task from me. I want you talk to at least three different people about the Children of the Light and Amadicia. After your supper, each of you will find me back here and tell me what you have learned about how people in Tar Valon think of the Children and Amadicia." She smiled again, "You can all go now, just remember to come back after supper."

OOC: Alright, this is the final part so this lesson is now closed. Terrian said it all again, and I'm only asking 400 words on this part but feel free to write more. Also, seeing as there wasn't much activity on the last part I've decided to let you continue with only one post so long as you wrote 800 words, which each of you did. So, have fun and make those people you talk to diverse: servants, novices, Accepted, Aes Sedai, GiT, regular citizens and any others who can be found at the White Tower are fair game. Have fun! I'll award credits next Tuesday, the 18th, so if you need an extension email me.

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