Three Idiots and a Sei-Tar
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The lecture part of this course ended quite swiftly with the Aes Sedai simply telling them about the history of the Children of the Light and admonishing all of the Novices against the term ‘Whitecloaks’. Sarina had heard the word Whitecloaks before, but only once or twice and have never understood what people were referring to when they said this. She thought perhaps it had something to do with the color coding which was prevalent inside the Tower. With all the different colored Ajahs this seemed a reasonable jump in logic, except for the fact that whenever most Novices said the word it came with a small sense of fear and contempt. Now the term was beginning to make more sense.

As Sarina left she thought about the assignment ahead of her. Others seemed to be disappointed due to the fact that they would not be leaving the Tower, but it mattered little to her. Instead she was worried over the assignment itself. Terrian Sedai’s command to talk to three people about the Children of the Light and Amadicia and report back to her after supper caused her some fret. She dragged her fingers through her hair as she walked out the door after giving the Aes Sedai a hurried curtsy. The curtsy itself had been off balance as usual. It was an awkward pose which held little meaning to Sarina, but was something that others, especially Aes Sedai and Accepted seemed to believe to be important.

As soon as she rounded the corner away from the classroom she tucked her skirt up into her belt and broke into a run jostling several of the other novices who had gone out before her. There were a few calls behind her but she ignored them and sped on the multicolored walls of the common areas became a blur to her. Her feet began to hurt as she passed by the garden while she cursed the thin soled slippers Novices and Accepted were forced to wear. Her eyes were tearing up from the wind as she jumped through the first story window and stopped.

Gasping for breath and unable to run anymore she fell against the stone wall under the window. She buried her head between her legs and let out a long sigh. Stop acting like a child Sarina stood on her tiptoes looking over the hedge separating the window and the garden. There was a man out there with his back turned staring at a fountain. Sarina sighed with relief, he must have been the one. He must have heard me, told me to stop acting like a child. Somehow that did not make sense, but she shook the thought out of her head and walked out from around the bushes.

The man had been right of course she had been acting childish. She fixed her skirt, experience had taught her that the powers that be disapproved of what they called improprieties. Sarina did not really understand what that meant, but apparently tucking her skirt into her belt to allow for freedom of movement qualified. Shaking her head to dislodge any foliage which might have become stuck there she walked quietly up behind the man and tapped him on the shoulder. He gave a start and turned to face her. The surprise in his face made Sarina pull back. She had not expected him to be surprised.

The man quickly regained his composure and placed his hand on the dagger at his belt which marked him as a Sei-Tar. He was much taller than Sarina and she was forced to strain her neck upward in order to look up into his coal black eyes.
“Sorry if I startled you, my name is Sarina,” she said. She was surprised at her own boldness, but she kept telling herself that she needed to grow up. Sarina almost groaned at the thought, knowing that the only reason she was even speaking to this man was because she had been told to speak with people.

“Oh, hello I am Hogan…and you did not startle me.” Sarina did sigh at that. He tells me not to act like a child and will not even admit when he was snuck up on.

“Oh right,” Sarina said without enthusiasm. “I was wondering if you might help me.”

Hogan looked her up and down for a moment making Sarina feel awkward, especially since his eyes did not meet hers, but stared at her chest. She looked down at herself for a moment wondering if there was something stained on her dress. “Alright,” Hogan said “what can I do for a little thing like you.”

Not knowing what to make of his stares she smiled and said, “thank you. I was wondering what your thoughts were about the Children of the Light.”

Hogan gave another start at that and stepped away now meeting her eyes. “Why do you want to know about them?” Sarina told him about the assignment watching him as his eyes narrowed for a brief second before his smile came back.

“What would you like to know, just what I think about them?” he asked and Sarina nodded back at him. “Well militarily the Children of the Light are one of the best fighting forces in the entire world. Amadicia is one of the only countries with a standing ready force such as the Children of the Light.” He looked down at the girls face and realized that some of this was going over her head. “You see,” he continued after a moment, “most countries do not have a military which they can call upon at any moment. Most armies are made of conscripts. Andor does not have an army which can march at any time, the nobles and aristocracies of those countries must band together behind the Queen brining the peasants along with them to fight. This takes time and considerable resources, Amadicia does not have this problem.”

“Oh,” Sarina said quietly, “does this make their soldiers any better than those of other countries.”

“Of course it does…for the most part.” Hogans face took on a serious look as he continued explaining. “A standing ready military has an advantage because they are constantly training and getting better. I would say that the only militaries which are better than the Children would be the Borderlands and the Warders here at Tar Valon.” He paused a moment and looked at the sky, “I’m sorry, but I really can not say anything more than that I have to get going.”

Sarina thanked him and watched him as he walked out of the gardens toward the practice yards. One down she thought and exited the gardens herself taking a different route turning left towards the Great Library.

The library was of an amazing construction, so many vaults of books and knowledge. It was a quiet place which reminded her of home. It was also the place where she spent the most time. It was not for love of knowledge or love of reading that she was there; no, it was because of her lack of knowledge and inability to read that she was in the library all the time. But it was a comfortably familiar place now and she settled in quite nicely at a table which after all this time seemed to be her own. Occasionally other Novices or even Accepted would come by and sit there, but they never stayed and rarely came back. Sarina sat there now taking in the rather large Novice who was also at the table. The girl was not one of the ones who had been at the lesson today.

Sarina did not know the girl’s name and when she spoke to her the girl looked surprised. “What?” the girl said, forcing Sarina to repeat herself. “No, not that I know who you are, I am just surprised that you are speaking to me. You never speak to anyone.”

Sarina simply nodded knowing that it was true, “I would not be speaking to you now except that it is an assignment. I need to know your feelings about Amadicia and the Children of the Light.”

The girl seemed taken aback by the comment, perhaps she had thought that Sarina was finally coming out of her shell. Perhaps even excited that Sarina might be coming out to her, whatever the case Sarina did not care what the girl thought as long as she answered and answered quickly. Though she was doing the assignment she did not have to like it.

“Oh,” the girl said after a second, “I do not really know much about Amadicia and do not really care to. Goodbye.” With that the girl stood up and left the library. Sarina could have said good riddance seeing the idiot leave in such a manner. The girl would not get very far if she had no thirst for knowledge. Sarina on the other hand hade a wealth of thirst. Though this might only be because she everything she learned was new to her. Standing, she sighed and left the library as well.

As she walked down the hall wondering who she could talk to about Amadicia she stopped at a corner hearing footsteps coming down the hall. It was not the footsteps which stopped her in her tracks though, it was what the two girls who were walking were talking about.

“Did you go to the lesson on Amadician culture today?” Sarina heard one of the girls say.

“No, of course not. Eww, who would want to learn about those killers. I hate every one of them. Amadicians and Whitecloaks might be just as bad as real darkfriends. I do not see why we tolerate them.”

Sarina moved down the hall just out of their line of sight and watched as the two girls in white dresses passed by. She recognized both of them. Belthamine and Jordan were two girls who had been Novices for years. Sarina did not know them personally…well she did not really know anyone personally, but she did hear things. These girls had been passed up for the ring not once, but three times. They were far enough along in the power Siridana Sedai had said, but did not have the maturity or seriousness with their lessons to move on.

Sarina followed them a short distance eavesdropping on their conversation which stayed on the topic of Amadicia. She did not know whether this could count as a conversation, but she was willing to risk it. It may not have been her conversation, but she was learning what she was supposed to from it; what people in the Tower thought about Amadicia and the Children of the Light. The two girls rounded a corner and Sarina left them and headed off back to the garden to relax until supper.

Sarina awoke with a start and dropped from the high tree branch which she had been napping on. The bell sounding a call to supper for the novices had startled her, but not enough to throw her completely off balance. Catching the last of the outstretched branches she broke her fall, but still landed hard on the ground. It took her several moments before she could stand again and walk. And once she could it was a slow halting walk due to her hip which had been bruised in the fall.

Apparently she would be missing supper. Due to her slow halting walk it took her all the time from the beginning of supper till fifteen minutes after the bell had rung ending it to walk back to the class room. Entering she dropped a curtsy, which nearly made her fall over, this time not due to her own clumsiness in performing a curtsy.

“Hello, Terrian Sedai, I have come to complete the assignment.” She went on immediately after the Aes Sedai nodded for her to. “I spoke with a Sei-Tar named Hogan first. He spoke about the Children of the Light as a ‘standing ready military force’ which apparently is something uncommon outside of the Borderlands. He said that this makes them a very dangerous and proficient military because they are constantly training and making themselves better.”

Sarina lowered her gaze and said quietly, “but I am afraid he was the only one who had anything complimentary to say.” Looking up she paused for a moment before continuing. “I tried speaking with another Novice in the library, but she told me that she knew nothing about Amadicia and that she did not care to” She flinched saying that. Sarina had learned from experience that people were nationalistic and often hated anything bad to be said about their own countries. “I heard another conversation which was being had between Belthamine and Jordan two other Novices. Both of them were speaking about their dislike for Amadicia and the Children calling them ‘just as bad as darkfriends’ simply because of their hatred for Aes Sedai.”

Sarina looked at the floor again, “I hope that is what you wanted Aes Sedai, it was the best I could do.” With that she waited.

(OOC: OH MY GAWD I haven’t written anything this long in months…not since school ended. Wow, I hope this works for you. Hope you don’t take out any frustration on little old Sarina though, they said it not her. Love Always S~)

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