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Novice Grey Ajah Lesson
Sat Jul 15, 2006 8:53pm (XFF:

Another day, and another chance for her to teach a lesson. She never minded teaching lessons, because they allowed her to think about other things, rather than what her thoughts would dwell on, if given the chance. Her thoughts at this time were not things that she really wished to think about. Luckily, with the preparation of her lesson that would be this morning, she didn't have time to really think on those things until she was eating breakfast, and her stomach decided that it did not want to agree with her this morning, either. After that experience, she quickly moved onto something else, not wanting to think about that. Teli pulled her long blonde hair into a highly manageable braid, that would not only keep her hair out of her way, but it was also just a habit of hers that she had yet to be rid of after all these years.

She washed her face, and brushed her teeth before she moved over to her wardrobe, to pick out what she should wear to the lesson that would not be taking place until a little later in the morning. The note she had posted a few days ago about her Grey Ajah lesson in the Novice quarters had mentioned meeting in a certain classroom at the mid-morning bell.

Teli thumbed through her wardrobe, assessing each dress with her bluish-gray eyes. Her eyes finally stopped on a simple light blue dress, into which she quickly changed into, and placed her gray-fringed shawl over her shoulders. She smiled slightly at the thought that she was actually up and ready before her Bondmate, Blaesius, was. Only a select few even knew about their Bond, and the way things were going, Teli thought it might be better if it just stayed that way for a time.

Taking a quick glance in the mirror, Teli was shown a face of herself, in which she looked no older than eighteen, even though she was nearly twice that. The ageless face had yet to touch her cheeks, but Teli didn't really mind. She was still fairly new to the Shawl, and she didn't really look forward to the day when she attained the Aes Sedai face. She smiled softly, and went on her way, but not before grabbing a book to read while she waited for her students to appear in the classroom.

When she arrived, she sat at the front of the class, and made herself comfortable before flipping through the pages until she found her mark in the book. Removing that gently, she continued her reading. It was not that interesting of a book by any standards, but it was not that boring either. It was her duty to keep herself updated on treaties, and laws, as well as any cultural changes that might make negotiations...difficult....

So entranced she was in her book, that she did not hear when the first of her students began to arrive. It was not until the mid-morning bell startled her from her reading that she looked up to see her students seated at different intervals around the room. Barely stifling a dark blush that threatened to color her almost sickly pale cheeks, she stood gracefully, leaving a finger in the book where she had left off, and scanned the new faces that she saw. Yes, it had been a long time since she had taught a lesson, but the fact that she could not pick out one face she that was absurd. She cleared her throat lightly, hardly making a sound at all, not trusting her voice, since she hadn't used it all morning.

"Welcome to my lesson on the Grey Ajah," Teli began. "My name is Teli Sedai. Before we begin with the lesson, I would like to know your name, and either what you know about the Grey Ajah, and/ or what you would like to learn in this lesson." With that, Teli motioned to a Novice, and listened as she placed her mark back inside her book, and sat down, taking in the information, formulating answers as the questions came. Teli could not help her smile. It was good to be teaching again.

OOC: Hello there. ^^ Just your ordinary introduction post follows this, and then we'll get onto the interesting stuff. If you have any questions, put them here, or you could also e-mail them to me if they are OOC questions. The first part should be up in about a week.

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