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First to Arrive
Mon Jul 17, 2006 12:03pm (XFF:

Still being rather new to the Tower, Kareen knew very little about the Ajah's. Fortunately for her, she had seen a notice on the boards that informed her of a Grey Ajah lesson. Having no preference just yet, she decided it might be a good start on discovering her Ajah.

The lesson would start at the mid-morning bell, and Kareen had no desire to be late for one of her first lessons. It would take place in one of the many classrooms the tower held, but with her fantastic memory, it only took her a third try to find the right one.

She still had a few minutes until the class begun and it looked as if it would only begin when the bell rung. There was an Aes Sedai at the front of the room who seemed quite intent upon her reading. Kareen had the feeling that she may not have even noticed her entrance.

With a mental shrug, Kareen took a seat and waited patiently for the bell. It seemed to her that the Aes Sedai was vaguely familiar, but she ignored the thought. She had seen a few Aes Sedai around the Tower, but she didn't know any of them personally.

Finally the mid-morning bell rang. With her eyes silently intent upon the Aes Sedai, she noticed the slight look of surprise as the bell tolled. Kareen only had eyes for the Aes Sedai. She had not yet managed to make an acquaintance among her fellow Novices, but it had yet to bug her.

The Aes Sedai stood with a grace that Kareen could only hope to achieve someday. She so desired to be Aes Sedai...

After the introduction Kareen was surprised to find herself being addressed. Without hesitation, she stood up; she was very determined never to show weakness in whatever she was doing, and hesitation was a weakness. Kareen was still so new to the Tower, and this, her first lesson in the presence of others. There was a burning desire to prove herself. To let others know she was worthy.

The movement as she stood caused the honor chain and medallions that still hung across her cheek to tinkle. She mentally smiled at the sound. How could she remove such a comfort?

"Greetings Teli Sedai, I am Kareen din Yokiri Wave Singer of Clan Takana and Wavebreaker," she replied formally. "I am still new to the Tower, and as a result, know very little about the Ajah's. I am here to learn about the Grey Ajah, and what it mean to be such." Kareen prided herself in her smooth voice as she replied, and the answer she had given. She stopped herself from grinning, but a small smile still managed its way upon her features.

Her appearance screamed Atha'an Miere. The only odd occurrence being the bland white Novice dress that she wore. Her strange hair, brown streaked with blonde, was bound behind her with a chord. It hung straight as a board down to her middle back. It was neatly tucked behind her ears which sported six gold earrings and a chain connecting those in her left ear to a nose ring. Nobody could mistake her heritage.

As she sat down, the medallions tickled once more, but she ignored the sound this time. She was staring, not disrespectfully, at Teli Sedai with her clashing green eyes awaiting the actual lesson to begin.

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