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For the Children
Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:23pm (XFF:

Kareen watched as another Accepted she had not noticed before, a boy, left with the roster with all their names on it. Apparently while they were waiting for him to return, the female Accepted was going to lecture them on their behavior in Tar Valon.

Kareen knew full well the repercussions of misbehavior, and she could only imagine they were ten fold when any Novice or Accepted misbehaved outside Tower Grounds. She listened none-the-less and filed all the information away, just as she did with anything else she learned.

As the Accepted addressed the Novice named Sarina about her skirts, Kareen glanced over at the girl. Kareen was not modest-the Sea Folk removed their upper garments when they left sight of land-but she could not help but agree that the appearance was not acceptable in the Tower. Unlike some of the other Novices she heard giggling, she stayed silent, waiting for the Accepted to lead them on, out of the Tower.

They were a few blocks away from the Gates of the Tower, and Kareen could not make herself look back towards the Tower. Tar Valon was too magnificent. It seemed even more so after the unending white of the Tower. Here, there were colorful signs adorning inns and shops. People dressed in the garb of a more places than even she could name. It was a multitude of colors painted on a white canvas, and she loved it.

Kareen reveled in the splendor that was Tar Valon until they approached a building, just as magnificent as the other to be sure, but the sign named it as an orphanage. It was called The Three Bells, and this had apparently been their destination for the two Accepted's led them straight inside.

Kareen had little experience with younger children, and seemed at a loss as she explored the orphanage. Almost all the others seemed to warm up to the children, but she found a barrier between herself and them.

It was then that Kareen spotted a little boy who was sitting alone. He seemed lonely, and Kareen felt a pull towards him. While the other children were about with the other Novices and children, this one stayed alone in his corner.

As Kareen approached the boy looked up at her dully, but she did not break a stride. She swept down next to him and gave him a dashing smile. She was at least six years his elder she was sure. His eyes seemed transfixed on the chain adorning her face. She could not blame him, he probably didn't see such oddities very often.

"I am Kareen, and what is your name?" She asked in the most gentle voice she could muster. The boy stared up at her for a while longer before succumbing to her smiles. He smiled back and gave his name in a small whisper. "Elian."

It was a simple name, but it made Kareen smile.

The Accepted's had the Novices gather once more to begin the lesson. “I hope you’ve all taken the time to look around the orphanage.” Kareen certainly had. She had spent the time talking an coaxing the little boy to talk back. She had enjoyed it.

Kareen watched as another Novice told how he thought there was nothing for them to do, and the Accepted informed them that they were here to take away the boredom. Kareen wondered what on earth they were supposed to do about it, but she didn't have to wait long to find out. They were to make an attempt at juggling. Kareen dearly wished that she had learned to juggle beforehand. She had a feeling she would be terrible indeed.

The Accepted instructed them to attend, and Kareen let herself fall into the familiar excercise that would let her embrace saidar. It was a fifty-fifty chance that she would be able to grasp the Source, but this time, luck seemed to be on her side. Before she had decided to attend the lesson, she had forced down her anger at saidar; at least for a little while. It returned once again, but the blissful sensations dominated. She let herself revel in the feeling.

Kareen was sure to watch closely as the Accepted wove threads for them. She only had some experience, so she would certainly have some difficulties. The hard part, she knew, would be weaving Earth. She was going to have to weave her strongest and her weakest Powers today, something she had not yet done.

Just as the Accepted had done, Kareen grasped a thread of Air. This was the easy part. Air always was easy for her to control, at least a little of it, like she was using now, was. Kareen had the semblance of crumbling parchment when she did as the Accepted had shown them.

Unfortunately, when she was finished forming the ball, she was so overjoyed, the weave immediately dissipated. Not to be deterred, Kareen did the same thing once more. This time, the ball stayed. Now was the tricky part. Pushing aside the other threads of the Power, Kareen found her way to Earth. She reached for it; it would not let her touch it.

Kareen had to go through the steps before she could hold Earth. First she made herself touch it, with no desire to control it. She then grasped it. This time she had it in her grip. She had to work a lot harder than she had with the thread of Air to work with this one. Fortunately, she only had to weave a small amount of Earth into the ball. It was smaller even than the Accepted's had been, but then again, she neither had the experience with the Power nor the experience with juggling to know how much she was supposed to weave in.

Kareen was just happy she had managed to make...something. She made an attempt at tying off the weave, but the ball dissipated once more. She went through the same steps to create the ball multiple times before she managed to tie off the weave completely. She held the ball in her hand, testing its weight.

She repeated those same steps over and over until she held the balls in her hand. Each of them was a slightly different tint of blue, but blue none-the-less. Kareen assumed this was due to the fact that Air had been so predominate in the weave.

Now that she had her balls held fast in her hand, she looked at the Accepted for more instruction. She had no idea how to juggle, and she wasn't exactly looking forward to learning. She would try though, if only to make Elian laugh at her stupidity. It was only for that little boy that she would let herself act such a fool in front of others. He was adorable, and she liked him.

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