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Adem Draek
Roasted, Toasted, and Burned to a Crisp
Wed Jul 19, 2006 8:56pm (XFF:

And just like that, Adrian was gone. Adem stared after him for a moment. What does he expect me to do? He shook his head. The Power. That was the answer, according to Adrian. Taking a deep breath, struggling to ignore the sound of the mob, Adem shut his eyes.

He tried to block out the shouts, the smell of the fire, the taste of bile rising in his throat. That was the easy part. The hard part, he found, was feeding his fear to the fire he envisioned. It seemed that every time he managed to get it under control, another crop sprang up somewhere else. It was like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it. "I... I can't." Adem opened his eyes, and saw the fire had GROWN. He HAD to do something.

Gritting his teeth, he shut his eyes and tried again. This time, he finally managed to get it under control. And there was the light. Just beyond sight. He reached for it... Grabbed it... And was very nearly swept away. Struggling against the tide, he did as Adrian had instructed. He tried to seperate the light into the five parts, as instructed. And he faltered. The colors were different then described. Fire was easy enough, it was red, and to Adem smelled a bit like cinnamon. But the strand that had a solid, earthy feeling was grey, although it was faint, and seemed ready to slip from Adem's grip if he gave it any quarter. Water and Air were blue and green respectively, though Air seemed more substantial than Water, and even Earth. And the final strand was a shimmering strand of Gold that pulsed in time with the rest of the world. Spirit Adem decided.

Remembering himself, he ran towards the fire, and struggled to use strands of the blue Water to put out the fire. But the strands were elusive, seemed to resist doing as Adem said. And then he realized, he was going about this the wrong way. A few well placed strands of the easier-to-manipulate Fire, and the heat from the fire was dispersed amid the paving stones. The fire blinked out. But as soon as the fire vanished, another problem presented itself.

A man darted past him, chased by another man. It took Adem to realize he'd seen them struggling with one another from the corner of his eye when he'd hopped the Wall. Instinctually, he wove a few flows of Air, and, without even realizing what he was doing, he'd wrapped both of the men tighter than a package. Inspecting what he'd done, he realized where he'd seen the weave before. It was the same one that the Aes Sedai who'd found him had used.

Well, now there was nothing to do but sit, and wait for Adrian to return.

Sorry to change what you asked, but I figured that THAT was a better way to put out fires, as Rand did in Shadow Rising. Also, men can't see the glow of saidar around women. They get gooseflesh, but that's it. :D

Tag, you're it.

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