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Thu Jul 20, 2006 9:36am (XFF:

Kareen waited patiently before the Accepted asked them to gather once more. She had tied off her weaves a little before, having time to stare about the orphanage once again.

At the instruction of the Accepted, Kareen let go of the Source. It was with a certain reluctance that she let the bliss go, if possibly for different reasons than most. She had no desire to see the dreary world outside saidar. This was where she bourn her anger at the Source, and now that she had to let go of it, her anger returned. She could resist the pull of the Power if only because she hated the way it made the world so dull.

For the sake of the other's presence, Kareen kept her anger on a tight leash. There was no question that she would, weakness shown to others was far worse in her eyes.

Suppressing the emotion, only barely, Kareen payed rapt attention to the Accepted once again as she recited more instruction. The Atha'an Miere absorbed it like nothing, memorizing it easily on the spot. The hard part was not remembering, it was doing.

After the entire recitation, the Novices were given some free reign to practice their juggling on their own. Kareen, having banished her self consciousness for the moment for Elian, took a deep breath and picked up her balls from the ground beside her.

Just as the Accepted had told them, Kareen imaging the two crosses. She placed them at the correct height and distance from her face. She did not find this to be foolish; an exercise was an exercise.

Holding the balls as the Accepted had instructed, though she put two balls in her right hand and one in her left, Kareen proceeded to do as she had been shown. Throwing one of the balls in her right hand towards the focus point on her left, she made her first weak attempt at juggling. Unfortunately, she missed her mark and as she tried to throw the ball in her left hand and then catch the one already airborne, her attempt fell apart. The two balls that had been in the air fell hopelessly to the ground while the last ball stayed safe clenched in Kareen’s fist.

Taking a breath, Kareen settled herself again, like she had told herself before, this was one of the times she would push away her self consciousness. She hated when other people saw her failures, but she supposed she may have to get used to it eventually, but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

Kareen scooped up the two balls on the ground and prepared herself to try again.

By the end of the half hour Kareen had only managed to make one full rotation of the balls in the air before having it fall apart. She thought that to be much better than nothing however, considering she had never juggled before, nor seen it done until today.

The Accepted informed them that the Power could be used to entertain better than any gleeman, and Kareen wondered how often one used the Power for such. It was a trivial deed, she knew, but to make the boy Elian smile and laugh would certainly make Kareen’s day.

It was at this time that Kareen found out what spread origins were present at the Tower. She knew that almost every place was represented, but the Seanchan seemed different somehow. Kareen held no particular spite for the Seanchan, and so, did not share some of the other Novice prejudices. It was simply a surprise that even the Seanchan, who chained women who could channel, had representation in the Tower.

After her speech, the Accepted showed them two new weaves to practice over the next week Kareen breathed her relief that she would have more time to practice both the weaves and her juggling on her own, it was far easier that way, she knew. The only surprise was the supposed performance they were to make in a weeks time. Since she would have a weeks time to practice, she supposed it wouldn’t be so bad. Being in front of others was not a fear of hers, but if she failed in front of them, she would be ashamed that she could not do it.

The easiest weave was the one in which she hung one of the balls from the tree. She knew Air was her strongest Power, but she would certainly find the other weave, which made the balls swirl with all manner of colors, would be far more tricky. Those were her three weakest Powers, though Fire was still rather easy for her to use.

After the Accepted had finished showing them the weaves, the female Novices again tried to imitate her. Kareen embraced saidar once more, knowing she had no choice but to do so, and attempted the weaves. The first was easy enough, only taking her two times to make one of her balls hang from the tree as the Accepted’s had. For any other eye but a woman who could channel, the ball would seem to be floating. Otherwise, they would see the thread of Air that encompassed the ball and hung from the limb of the tree.

It was now time to attempt to imitate the second weave. This one proved to be far harder than the first. The weave remained imprinted in her mind, but whether or not she could channel enough of those threads in was another thing entirely.

The first thing she did, as the Accepted had was to weave the web of fire, she was sure to make it just as the Accepted had, her memory was just right for this sort of thing. Fire, being her third strongest and third weakest Power was easy enough to channel. She managed the web without much trouble, but the moment she attempted to add the Spirit and Earth to the web, she bungled it. Before she could let anything dangerous happen, she let the weave dissolve so she might start again.

The web of Fire was again made, and again Spirit and Earth were there to ruin it. She tried, over and over again, not having very much luck. By the time the Accepted was ready to take them back to the Tower, Kareen had only managed to weave in the two Power’s halfway into the web of fire.

Kareen let go of saidar just as reluctantly as before, and for the same reasons. She would practice these weaves later. For the performance, she had no desire to act the fool, so she would be sure to perfect-or at least try to-these weaves and her juggling.

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