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The Grey What??
Thu Jul 20, 2006 8:00pm (XFF:

It had only been three days since her arrival at the Tower, and Adanai had not the foggiest idea where she was going. The notice she'd seen on the board had told of a lesson on the Grey Ajah- something she'd never heard of- in a room she could not seem to find. She had the feeling that it would make no difference how long she'd been here; she'd get lost in these meandering hallways whether or not she had previously visited her destination. Weeks earlier, this would have been a welcome complication to her incredibly monotonous life; it would have been nice to have someplace new in which to get lost. Now it was just making her incredibly nervous about punctuality.

Tossing her long, thick braid over her shoulder, she found herself wishing for the first time that one of the terrifyingly cruel Accepted would pay her some attention. Never would she be the first to approach one of the older women, who all seemed very well aware of their positions above the novices and how best to manipulate their underlings. Unfortunately, until she was tapped on the shoulder from behind, that seemed the only option.

Adi whirled about on one foot, scared half out of her mind by the sudden touch. She was thrown off balance by the sudden movement and fell to the floor in a crumpled heap, bringing the culprit down with her. Their skirts pooled together on the floor, and Adi was very relieved to see another dress of plain white: a novice. Blushing nearly as deep red as her hair, she got to her feet and offered a hand to the other girl, who was several inches taller than her. "I'm terribly sorry," Adi mumbled, self-consciously playing with the end of her braid while the novice smoothed her own gleaming bright blonde coiffe.

Clear blue eyes met Adi's own dark green ones, examining her curiously. "That's all right," she said, her accent strange. "Kelissa al'Tare. I didn't mean to frighten you." Adi shrugged off the accusation of startlement, focusing her attention on the smudge of dirt that now besmirched the hem of her dress. She suddenly found a hand in front of her face; Kelissa was offering a handshake as a sort of peace offering. Taking the hand gratefully, Adi looked back up at the Andoran and wondered why exactly she had been tapped. "I was just wondering if you needed help. You were standing there when I went in to speak with Loiesa Sedai, and standing there when I came back out. Are you lost?"

Shamefacedly, Adi nodded. It was the truth; she had not the slightest idea where she was going. "I'm going to the lesson on the Grey Ajah. The one that Teli Sedai is instructing. I can't make heads or tails of the directions my roommate gave me, though." Her face had returned to its normal ghost white shade. She could no longer feel it burning.

"Well, that's lucky," the other novice said jovially. "That happens to be where I'm headed next. We can walk together. I've been a novice for six years... I should know my way about by now." Six years... Adanai thought, frightened by the idea. She couldn't imagine being a novice and going through this every day for six years. Not to mention she hadn't thought Kelissa was any older than she was, and she certainly could not have been ten when she'd arrived at the Tower. All the same, she followed the other girl through the winding corridors to one of many identical classrooms, where she took a seat between the blonde and a small, dark girl she'd never seen before.

The Aes Sedai teaching the lesson looked far younger than Keisan Sedai. "Welcome to my lesson on the Grey Ajah. My name is Teli Sedai. Before we begin with the lesson, I would like to know your name, and either what you know about the Grey Ajah, and/ or what you would like to learn in this lesson."

The first girl to introduce herself was unlike anyone Adi had ever seen, with strange coloration and a stranger assortment of jewelry. Several other girls, including Kelissa, were called on before Teli Sedai came to Adi, who stood awkwardly and stared at the floor when speaking. "I'm Adanai Kyann... I don't really know anything about the Grey Ajah. In fact, I didn't really even know what an Ajah was until Kelissa told me two minutes ago. I suppose I hope to learn whether the Grey Ajah would be something I'd like to pursue or not, and just to understand it better in general." She sat before she could say or do anything else to embarrass herself, not listening as Teli Sedai continued on to the next girl.

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