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Sun Jul 23, 2006 5:10pm (XFF:

It had been a week since the lesson Kareen had taken in the city, and it was time for her to return once more. She made her way to the meeting place, so the Accepted’s could lead them into Tar Valon.

It wasn’t long before she found herself marveling at the buildings and people of Tar Valon once more. She walked silently, with an outward calm. She was content. For the week, she had been practicing, a lot more than necessary perhaps, but she wanted to be sure she did not make a fool of herself on stage. Kareen felt reasonably confident in her abilities right now. She did know she wasn’t the greatest, but she was sufficient enough that she wouldn’t fall apart completely.

Before she knew it, Kareen was standing in front of a stage somewhere withing the vast city. It was a simply wooden stage, but very lovely none-the-less. She watched as another Novice took the stage before herself. She tried to remember his name, Taphen, maybe? Kareen made a mental note to try and learn more of the other Novices names.

The balls she would be performing with were not yet made. She had the same idea as Taphen had. The weaves were prepared, but she had not yet created the balls; that would be for the stage. She held the weaves in her mind as surely as she could, making sure nothing happened before the performance.

Kareen walked onto the stage, trying to look as calm as she could. It seemed as if she should be pooling in sweat by now, but her face remained thankfully dry. She was up on the stage now, alone with the audience before her. There were a lot of people. People of every age there to watch their free performance in Tar Valon.

The stage was lit brightly, colors spilling about her, giving quite a show. Kareen was sure everyone could see her quite well. Before she knew it, the first ball was made. Unlike the Novice before her, however, she was going to use the other weaves now. Once all three balls were made, she used the string of Air to tie them on the beam above her. The balls were splayed before her at eye level.

Kareen prepared the web of Fire with the touch of Spirit and Earth. The weave came easier to her now, considering the practice she had put into learning it this past week. It may have been without supervision on occasion, but she had told herself she would not make herself the fool today.

With barely suppressed pride, Kareen molded the weave around the balls hanging before her. To many gasps and happy exclamations from the crowd, the balls began swirling with color. Kareen had not been overly sure this was what the Accepted had wanted for the performance, but it seemed welcome among the audience.

Kareen snatched the balls out of the air, removing the weave that held them in their places. She took her position and began to juggle, just as she had practiced. It was nothing spectacular, just the simple form the Accepted had taught them a week ago, but Kareen was proud none-the-less.

There had been one time when the balls had dropped, but Kareen managed to save herself by making a show of picking them up again. At the end of her performance, Kareen could not help but smile. Her smiles were rare, but she felt this was a moment for one. The balls melted away to more exclamations from the crowd and Kareen gave a bow before leaving the stage.

She was still feeling rather confident from her bout on the stage. The next Novice left onto the stage, and Kareen wove more balls and did much the same thing as she had in her performance. The only difference being the balls shed more light this time. Before it had just been a color show, but now they had to make light for the other Novice.

All in all, Kareen thought it had gone extremely well. So well, in fact, that she forgot her anger at saidar when she let the Power leave her after the next Novice had finished. It had been a good lesson indeed.

OOC: And she's done! ^.^ Nice lesson! Very enjoyable. I look forward to another chance to RP with your Accepted someday perhaps. ^.^

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