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Digging Through the Ashes...Credit!
Sun Jul 30, 2006 9:19pm (XFF:

Luck was with Adrain tonight. As he departed the scene of the fire, he managed to catch a glimpse of his target entering the Sun Gate. He could still catch her if he put his training into good use.

Forgetting his promise to send aid to Adem, oblivious to the staring faces of the passerby as he tore pass them, Adrain focused his entire mind and body on the chase. Using the One Power to stop the woman never occurred to him. He was truly a Gaidin at heart. The results were instantaneous. He could visually see the gap closing between himself and his quarry.

As they approached the very entrance to the White Tower itself, the woman paused slightly, turned her head and witnessed Adrain sprint towards her, a mere hundred yards away, and slipped through the great oak doors.

Seconds later, the Accepted entered and frantically looked around. As he caught his breath, scanning the crowd of petitioners gathered in the hall, Adrain caught sight of his target mount the stairs. This time, the fact that he had the One Power to draw on dawned in his brain.

Adrain reached within himself, just as he had instructed Adem to do, and seized the Power. Weaves flashed through his brain, and he picked out one he had seen Teltion Sedai perform when he grew angry at a couple of Aethan’Tar for not pausing a swordfight on his command. Air, wrapped with a hint of Spirit flew towards the woman and entrapped her where she stood. She struggled, even attempted to use her Power, but was unable to free herself.

Their struggle drew the attention of a passing Aes Sedai, a Green Sister whom Adrain was unfamiliar. “What is the meaning of this!” she demanded, regally hurrying towards the struggling pair.

The woman blinked innocently. “Aes Sedai, it is good to see you!” she purred. “I was just coming here to report important information to a contact of mine, when I was suddenly attacked by this young man!”

Adrain stared at her blatent lie. “To contradict, Aes Sedai, this woman is responsible for starting the fire that currently rages just outside our walls! And I…I gave chase because I forgot the use of the One Power in my haste. It only just occurred to me.”

The Aes Sedai looked at both of them for a long moment. Adrain could almost see the battle raging behind her composed face. Do I take the word of an outsider, who bears the marks of a channeler….or should I take the word of an Accepted who is known to have no loyalty to us, and admitted as much by his own testimony…?

Finally, the Green Sister shook her head. “Madam, if you’d give me the information, I’ll be sure it winds up in the right hands. However, I cannot trust you to be on the grounds any longer. Accepted…” at this point, she called to a passing girl. “Tarnieva, kindly escort this woman beyond the grounds.”

Adrain kept silence as Tarnieva and the strange woman left the hall, each walking stiffly. He had the distinct impression that Tarnieva wasn’t all the pleased about her task, and the woman was upset about her uncompleted mission. He was grateful for both the stiff walks.

Once they were alone, the Sister turned to him. “Accepted, you will finish your business and then report to Madeline Sedai for appropriate disciplinary action. I will drop her a note.”

Thinking dark thoughts about Green Sisters in general, Adrain hurried out the doors to rescue his novice.

Adrain arrived at the Sun Gate to find matters fairly well in hand. Adem was leaning against a tree, holding his head in his hands, but he’d succeeded in his task. The Accepted felt his heart go out to the young man. Channeling under pressure…after an embracing lesson was a feat that Adrain could never have done. Adem’s future shone brightly.

Suddenly, Adrain’s eyes found the motionless figures of the two men that had been fighting earlier. Seizing the Power again, Adrain first unfroze the smaller of the too, figuring that he would be less dangerous.

Instantly, the small man looked terrified and began pleading. “Sir, thank you! I was so scared! I wasn’t sure what was happening. One moment I was attacked by this fellow in a knife, and then…well…” Suddenly, he looked suspicious. “You aren’t going to do that again to me, are you?”

Adrain smiled at the man. “I don’t plan on it. I just want to hear your story. Brawling while a fire is on causes a lot of negative attention.” As he spoke, Adrain gingerly freed the second man.

“Accepted!” he exclaimed. “What’s the meaning of this?”

“Actually, I was about to ask you,” Adrain said dryly, already leaning towards the small man.

“I haven’t dun nothing! A little fist fight isn’t against the law? And besides, I have information for the Head of Blue Eyes and Ears!”

“Have you now? Then what’s that dagger doing in your pocket?”

Panic lit up in the man’s eyes. “Dagger? I never…”
Quite suddenly, Adrain had enough of the entire system. He called to a guardsmen, watching the situation. “Take this man to the White Tower for questioning on his motives relating to the Head of Blue Eyes and Ears. And you, sir,” he addressed the second man, “are free to go. Don’t get into any more trouble, you hear?”

After both men had departed, Adrain turned back to Adem. “Congratulations. You’ve accomplished very much for your first time out. Anyone would be proud to know you. Just don’t push yourself and get lots of rest tonight. And now, let’s go back before the Mistress of Novices has your hide as well as mine.”

A few blocks away, Anietta met Brac at the rendezvous point. She placed a hand on his forehead and quickly healed his busies and aching muscles.

“Good job tonight. You didn’t forget, after all.”

Brac smiled at her, this time not offended by her comment. “You didn’t do so bad yourself.” And for the first time, for just a moment, he wanted to kiss her. Shaking off the disturbing thought, he smiled up at her. “And you know what? I didn’t even kill anyone…”

OOC: Credit! Congratulations on doing a great job on your first lesson- and especially for putting up with my random schedule and multiple delays. You are now more then ready to move on to any channeling lesson of your choosing.

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