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Of the Mid-tones
Tue Aug 1, 2006 4:38am (XFF:

Lilli had been ill lately; ever since that Green Ajah lesson in which she had been dismissed in order to take leave to the Yellow quarters—or better known, the Infirmary—she had been in a weak state of health, which had been duly diagnosed by the genteel Emiline Sedai as a post-summer flu. She had, in fact, left the compressed quarters of her room in the Infirmary just last evening, and on shaky legs made so from disuse she had made her way towards her novice cubicle. Despite the fact that she had only been issued to the Infirmary for a couple of days, five at the most, she still felt as if she were entering a room she had not seen in months; as she tentatively stepped in and pressed her plump hand against a white, plastered wall, she felt strangely…subdued.

But anyway, that had been last night. This morning, when she awoke from her sleep, she still felt the dregs of her illness dragging her down, persisting at her weak senses that she must remain in bed. But Emiline Sedai knew best, and she had specifically given her instructions yesterday that Lilli was strong enough to attend classes, and attend classes she must. Lilli certainly hadn’t felt strong, at all, but she had, like the respectful, timid novice she was, murmured a “Yes, Aes Sedai,” and had promptly obeyed. With that thought in mind she pulled herself up to a sitting position, fighting back the nausea for a second as the world swam around her. After a moment or so of rapid recuperation—or attempts at—, she pushed herself off the bed.

It seemed Emiline Sedai had been right. Activity, what she had lacked in her respite in the Infirmary, spurred energy in her, and by the time she had calmed her static auburn hair to some extents, strapped her novice pouch around her expansive midriff, and slipped into her white slippers, she felt as if she could indeed last through a lecture. Or four. Well. Of course Emiline Sedai had been right. Once again giving her strong conviction that Aes Sedai were all but deity confirmation it did not need, Lilli exited her cubicle and joined the early-morning throng that busied the passageway that joined the various sections of the novice well.

Two novices to her right were chattering animatedly about some rumor that had sprouted recently, but for the most part, the people trafficked in silence. Most novices were, at this time of the day, and besides, talking required dallying, something they could not afford to do. Each of their schedules were packed; they had to make it on time to breakfast, make it to their next class before the designated bell tolled, and attend the various errands the Accepted or sisters would tag them with in between. Not to mention chores and penances. Yes, the life of a novice was demanding and inexplicably busy. And yet it appeared that somehow it were still possible for some of the novices here to obtain some sort of social life, and Lilli in her eavesdropping had snitched gists of more than a handful of girls sharing news of some drama in their life. Drama! As if they could afford it, much less find time to cultivate any sort of…romantic relationship.

“…She actually set the pile of books on fire,” one of the chattering girls was saying, “Imagine if the fire had caught onto the shelves! It’s a good thing the Brown was there, otherwise what would have happened to the Library? Honestly. I heard Madeline Sedai had her for an hour in her office, but I think she deserved it. Playing around with Fire like that!” A fire incident in the Library? Lilli thought, I truly have been out of it for longer than I thought. She joined the others as they milled into the dining hall.

Her meal consisted of a slice of bread, a thin layer of butter, some pretty looking fruit she didn’t recognize—“It comes from Saldaea,” she heard one of the male novices inform his companion—and of course, the customary bowl of gray porridge. She ate it all, and although she usually had a healthy appetite, even she was surprised by the speed and vigor with which she wolfed down her meal. She heard snickers in the vicinity nearby, but then again, when had she not heard laughter accompanying her every move? Dabbing her mouth with the piece of linen that she had picked up with her silverware, she stood up from the bench on which she had sat, picked up her things, and made way to dispatch them in the kitchen.

More like, wash them in the kitchen. When she had done so, she quickly dried her hands on some toweling, fought off the chill that sought to consume her skin against the gentle breeze wafting through the halls, and made her way to the novice lesson board. She had to admit; it had been long since she had last viewed the board, and therefore the barrage of notes tacked up on the length of cork appeared foreign and, in a word, intimidating. How many hours would she have to barricade herself in the quiet sanctum of the library in order to catch up with her peers? Not that it was absolutely necessary, considering each novice ran on his or her schedule, but Lilli, of course, was resolute in her determination to succeed, and with as much aplomb as her effort could muster. The White Tower was a haven for her, but more importantly, it was an opportunity which the Creator had been more than gracious in giving her.

Light, the only strip of parchment she remotely recognized was the notice that spoke of the Brown Ajah paper being due in a little less than a week. She frowned slightly, not because she felt chagrined, but because she felt the grim weight of the inevitable workload to come on her shoulders; she hadn’t yet started on that paper, truth be told. The blue of her eyes skimmed down the other class notices until they alighted on the lesson she must attend next. Gray Ajah lesson. She made a mental note of the time and location, saw that ‘Teli Sedai’ was teaching it, and then scurried off in search of it. “I’m….Novice Lilli Bloom, Teli Sedai,” she said in her characteristic, tentative and soft tone, after Kareen and Adanai had introduced themselves, “I only know that....that Gray sisters are good at n-negotiations. I'd like to learn... If it's possible, Aes Sedai... maybe a little bit on....public speaking...?

OOC: Technically I’m still on my LoA, but I plan to squeeze a post or two here and there in between, so that I’m not so out of it. Man. I haven’t written in so long I suck.

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